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    Bike shop service

    So I go in to Skyline Cycle in Ogden today to buy a bike for my wife. The owner takes her upstairs, mounts the 2 bikes she is choosing between and mounts them on a mag trainer. He then spends an hour measuring and fitting my wife to the bike and the bike to her. The he sold it to us at a huge discount. He also spent a half hour personally fitting my three year old to her bike and help teach her how to ride. That is pretty good customer service
    Anyone else have a LBS story like that?

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    I think I have a couple stories like that.

    Quite a while back I went into Guthries in Sugarhouse. Or tha Suga' hood for all those white, wannabe gansta's who kept breaking into my truck to steal my stock cd player and burned Slayer CD's to pimp out their lowered Civics.

    Anyway, I walk in and some (really) young kid shuffles over and asks me what I'm looking for and I say "a downhill race oriented bike" thinking they would have a V10, a Judge or something along those lines instock. Instead he points to a Santa Cruz Heckler hanging in the window (because that was the biggest bike they had in stock at the time) and mutters "we got that bike" and then shuffles back behind the counter and starts talking to some kid in the repair area.

    So that was pretty cool.

    Then I put my truck in 4 Wheel Drive to negotiate 33rd South and hit up Go-Ride.
    I walked in and they were like "Jesus, you are a freak! Just how tall are you?"
    I said, 'not too tall you're just looking at me in that funky circus mirror that makes everyone look super tall and skinny.' So I took a step forward and said 'now look at me in this mirror. I look all short and fat.'

    Once we got past my sensative body issues they worked on getting me set up with a bike.
    I was like, 'I really like that bike because of the color but I haven't seen anyone riding one around here so I don't think it's cool yet.'

    Then I looked up at a poster hanging on the wall of some guy doing a no hander off of a cliff down south and I was all over that. I played it all up telling them that my brother was Wade Simmons and I grew up on the 'shore hucking sick lines and that was the kind of bike I needed.
    So they took my credit card and started laughing because it had a picture of my cat with a funny hat on it.

    Then we came to realize that I didn't have enough money left on my credit card so I had to mow my mom's yard all summer to save up for the rest of the bike.
    I went back and they laughed again at the picture on my credit card, but we were all cool about it by then as I would hang out in their shop all summer long asking questions and taking all the free stickers they had.

    I went to put the bike on my truck but then realized I didn't have the proper rack. So I went back in and put a rack on order.
    A week later I was pushing my new 8in travel, single ring, 2.5in double walled tire bike along the Shoreline.

    Then it snowed.

    Pretty sweet.

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    That was hilarious. Glad you were hooked up though.

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