Trying to find a day to do a quick day-trip from GJ to Moab. I was eying Saturday April 10th thinking that the Jeep safari folks will have mostly cleared out by then and it won't be too hot yet.

Taking a group of 4-7 riders of varying ability and conditioning. The tentative plan is to be on trail by 9am and do Slickrock Trail since I think it would be a crime not to do it on our first trip. I'm figuring 3-4 hours if we are exploring and playing around or waiting on anyone. Is that about right?

Then plan to head into town for a bite/beer and then take whoever is willing to either Bartlett Wash, Tusher Canyon or maybe the Brand trails for more mileage as needed and hopefully be home at a reasonable hour.

I guess the general idea is stuff everybody can enjoy and won't kill any of my friends with climbing or too technical of stuff.

Any flaws in my thinking or advice to give?

I'd personally love to be doing porcupine or a few other trails but I think with a diverse group this might be a better plan. I'll just have to save the Whole Enchilada, Amasa and some of the other trails for a later trip with a select group.