• 11-17-2008
    Anyone ride Park City yesterday/recently?
    Up high there is plenty of snow. They are saying another 10 days of this super high pressure and the lower trails look pretty good and we are expecting well into the 50s in the afternoon. I was at the I-80 off ramp in Kimball and saw probably a dozen riders on the trail above the intersection on the Glenwild side. Curious if anyone actually rode the Glenwild trails and how they are doing?

    I went up to Lost Prospector thinking the sun of that trail would be in good shape... Wrong, it was a total mess and had to hike a bike out of there before ruining the trail and not even rideable...

    Also if you can ride in the morning when everything is still frozen they'll be awesome but once they soften up by noonish or so they probably get pretty bad in trouble spots/where there is less sun...
  • 11-17-2008
    not Park City but attempted to ride Dutch Hollow yesterday down in Midway. Needs a few days - some god dry sections but a bunch of gooey/slick sections