Sundance seems very supportive of mountain biking, with the weekly race series and a few other great races. But the trail system is basically one loop that doesn't really see much of the resort. I'm curious if anyone knows if the higher-ups at Sundance have plans to expand, or be open to expanding.

For starters I'd love to see a trail go all the way to the top of the resort, and eventually there should be at least 2 trails that go up there. And there really should be a trail that connects the Lame Horse trail that ends at Aspen Grove with the trails of Sundance. Being so close to Provo and Utah valley, Sundance could really be an awesome and popular place to ride, but right now there isn't much to say about it.

So does anyone know if this will ever change? What obstacles are there? I'm new to Utah but I think there are plenty of people and organizations that would volunteer labor to cut new trails, but that obviously won't ever happen without Sundance's direction and approval.