I'm currently building a DH trail in the Vernal area (closer to Neola or Roosevelt than Vernal) and was wondering if anyone wanted to ride it. I've been riding by myself forever now and while I don't mind it, I would like it if others could enjoy my trail and possibly help with future ideas/building. I just can't talk any of my moto friends or bmx'ers into getting into DH. I'm about half way done and it's fairly mean. I would compare it the double black diamonds at Deer Valley in terms of difficulty, but the riding itself is different.

It includes alot of rock piles placed directly into the side of the hill and most of them have drops right after as well as super rough, technical turns with various obstacles like drops and boulders in the middle of the turns. There's a big, lose rock garden that is pretty demanding because it starts with a super steep rock pile that shoots up then down into the garden, then turns halfway into the garden before shooting into another rock pile, followed immediately by three successive drops before moving into a bermed turn. After that the trail turns very high speed and I'm currently thinking of features that can utilize that speed. I'm going to build 30 - 40 ft. floater in the middle of the speed section, I'm just not sure what else to do with it. My only gripe with the trail is that it's short, but it's totally accessible by car so shuttling is not only doable, but ideal.

So yeah, it's coming along nicely and it's a ton of fun. If anyone wants ride shoot me a PM and I'll give you a phone number then we can meet up at the trail. Oh and there's alternate routes around all of the hard stuff so skill level shouldn't be an issue.