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    Antelope Island Conditions?

    Just got back from a quick hit trip to Gooseberry and need to keep the dirt going. Anyone been out on Antelope Island or Stansbury lately? Dry enough to ride?

    Thanks for the info!

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    It is like the birds returning. The first Antelope Island post of the year! Can't wait for the next 4 months of debate over trail damage on the Shoreline, and after that, we can ride the local trails!

    I have no helpful information about Antelope Island. Probably rife with ungulates.

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    Gonna guess muddy until we have a breezy high-pressure system, temps over 45 or 50 for at least a week.

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    3rd Ave bike lane is now 100% free of snow, if that helps. Didn't have time to check out the Crest nor the Bobsled after the 3rd Ave inspection took so long.

    'Dry' Creek's great if you've got $5 worth of quarters jingling around in your pack to hit the carwash afterwords to purge the 20lbs worth of mud packed in and around your drivetrain.
    Or if you're just the type of person who let's their bike go until it breaks then posts up in the appropriate manufacturer forum all upset that they wouldn't warranty your bike after all the sand and mud jammed in your hubs, headset and BB finally froze or broke them. If you're that type, I'd hit that shhit up and get freeride.

    Please post up pics if you do though.



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