American Red Rock Wilderness Act-
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    American Red Rock Wilderness Act

    I am trying to find actual ground level maps for this proposal. The only ones I have found are ArcGIS files that are over a year old and which are probably not official.

    Just glancing at it, it looks like the Mag 7 route to Gold Bar will be off limits to bikes. I'm sure there are other trails that are affected as well.

    Does anyone know how to get files for the actual boundaries?

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    It's hard to see from this map any trails that would be affected. My guess is the Local BLM would allow existing trails to be maintained, especially since Gold Bar to Poison Spider is an established Jeep trail and part of the local economy (bikes and Jeeps).

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    You can't tell jack from that SUWA map, and I suspect that is on purpose. If you look at the ArcGIS files I linked, they are attempting to surround some trails with Wilderness, leaving a thin thread where the trail or road is at. Other trails have been obliterated.

    The connection from the bottom of Mag7 to Gold Bar is not a 4x4 road, and is clearly eliminated in the files I linked above, which is why I am asking for anyone who knows where I can get access to the actual files used in the bill filing. At least I assume they had to submit something like that for such a huge area. Maybe they just gave the politicians the crap map you linked and hope later they can use it to eliminate 90% of the trails and 4x4 roads in Utah.

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