Advice on Moab trip (yes, I read the sticky)-
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    Advice on Moab trip (yes, I read the sticky)

    Hey all, I must have done something right. My wife who it an outdoors-ie person, but only casual mountain biker, has OK'd a trip to Moab and Arches! What we're looking at is catching a shuttle to Moab from SLC, getting a hotel and just renting bikes for transportation. I Moab small enough to get around w/o a car and are there a few lightweight trails that can be accessed by bike or a commercial shuttle (i.e. coyote shuttle)? Any other suggestions on side trips? Can Arches be accessed from Moab by bike or is there a bus?Thanks!

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    Yes to everything but the shuttle from SLC to Moab. Good luck with that one. Not exactly close. Greyhound would be your best option.

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    A lot of attractions are within biking range, but you ought to assess whether you'll really be able to do everything you want without a car. For instance, will you be able to make it to the Green River overlook in Canyonlands Nat'l Park? Will you be able to ride to Delicate Arch, lock your bikes, hike to the Arch, and then ride back to town? What if you want to go to Devil's Garden and then hike?

    You could have a great time without a car, but you should realistically assess your abilities, desires and available time.

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    There are shuttles to Moab from SLC, if you are set on that, try Roadrunner. Once you get to Moab, you can ride to Slickrock, Amasa Back, Poison Spider, Flat Pass, Bar-M Loop and Hurrah Pass, but none of these are "easy" rides. Bar-M is the easiest technically, and it starts only six miles north of town via bike path. Hurrah Pass is non-technical for the most part, but there is quite a bit of climbing.

    You can ride into Arches, but it is a tough road bike ride, not really a mountain bike ride. There are a couple of dirt roads, but they are pretty boring, and you'd be putting in 50-60 miles to get anything out of them. There is not any public transportation into Arches as far as I know. There should be though. A shuttle from Downtown Moab, stopping at the various trailheads, would do a lot to ease the traffic issues up there. A Zion-like deal would work well. Seeing as how the country is broke, I don't anticipate anything like that happening anytime soon.

    Honestly, by the time you take a shuttle from SLC to Moab, and then take shuttles to trails, you might as well have rented a car, costwise. I know it is tough to rent a car these days if you are under 25 though.

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    Bighorn Express offers service between Moab and SLC. As has already been pointed out, you should compare rates with car rental. Especially if you plan to spend time in Arches or Canyonlands.

    Moab Adventure Center offers bus trips into Arches. Various outfitters offer a variety of guided tours there too. Transportation is often included with these. But you should check if it's a deal breaker. Desert Highlights offer some unforgettable experiences in Arches.

    There are many awesome hiking opportunities right outside Moab which are convenient by bike.


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    Thanks for the insight, I see more planning is needed...

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