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    Trail or Park sizing help.

    I am getting ready to order a new Transition Trail or Park and I was wondering if I could get some advice about what size to order. I am around 5'9"-5'10" so this puts me at the top end of the medium and the bottom end of the large. So basically if I get the medium I will be getting a bike that is ALMOST too small and if I get the large I will be getting a bike that is ALMOST to big.

    A little bit of my riding background. I rode BMX while growing up and sold my bikes when I went to college and then about 6 years ago I decided to get back into biking and purchased a 2003 Specialized Epic and have road XC trails from that time up until last fall when I severely dented the downtube of the epic and decided to buy a new bike. I don't really want to purchase another XC bike and really have no interest in riding mountain bike trails anymore so I started looking at DJ/Street bikes.

    My riding will be about 20% DJ 20% street and 60% riding around the hood and local park with my 7 year old daughter and my girldriend just hanging out.

    All the shops around where I live only have XC type bikes so there is no chance for me to actually test ride a DJ/Street bike to see how they feel. The only bikes I have for reference are the following.

    2003 Specialized Epic size medium. 23.11" effective top tube with 110mm step for a total of around 27.44". With a thompons set back post this feels perfect although it is the only bike I have rode for the last 6 years so I am somewhat used to it.

    2009 Specialized Myka hardtail size 15 (my girfriends bike). 21.46"effective top tube plus 75mm stem for a total of around 24.41" This is quite small as you can imagine, it fits her fine but she is only like 5'2".

    The medium top has an effective top tube of 22.5" and with a 50mm stem that only comes out to a total of around 24.47" essentially the same size as my girlfriends hardtail. This is what has me confused. How can me who is 5'9" and my girlfriend who is 5'2" ride a bike with essentially the same reach?

    To even confuse me more I rode a 2009 Gary Fisher Mullet in a size 15.5". This has a effective top tube of 22.5" and a 50mm stem which is exactally the same as the Medium top. This didn't feel too small and nothing like the reach on my girlfriends Myka hardtail which should have been about the same.

    Ok, sorry for rambling on and on cause I guess in the end I am not going to really be able to tell that much difference between the Medium and Large top since it is only a inch difference in the top tube which to me really seems like nothing.

    Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, anyone ride a top? Recommendations for size for me? Keep in mind how I will be riding it. I won't have the seat slammed all the time and be clearing doubles. Most of the time I will just be riding around but when I do want to hit the doubles I want to be able to slam the seat and be good to go.


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    I would say gear the bike towards the 40% DJ/street usage. You can ride either frame with the GF. I am the same height and I have owned 4 Medium frames from Transition (DB, BR, Vagrant and GM) and they all fit me perfect.

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    I'm 5'11", and have rocked an 07 and 08 medium. I think the TT was 22.5".

    I like that size, and I ride mostly jumps and street/cruising.

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    You could ride either one and be fine. I suggest the Medium, though.

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