• 09-19-2014
    Need Part recommendations for New bike please.
    Hello all
    As you can see from my title I need some help figuring out a few quality parts for my Dirt Jumper.

    First off I will start by saying I have been a BMXer pretty much since I learned how to ride a bike. And I have always done all the servicing and sourcing parts myself. But now that I am older (32) I decided to get something close to a BMX just a little more comfortable to ride since this is also my daily commuter back and forth to work.

    Now before everybody laughs at me and just goes straight to that bike is a POS hear me out first.

    I have gotten myself a Full rigid Frame and forks single speed Dirt Jumper from canadian tire. The Bike it self is the Kranked Uno Jump 26" tires 15" Frame ( Kranked Uno Jump 26-in Urban Bike | Canadian Tire ). I plan on completely stripping the bike down pretty much every part you can take off I'm going to replace. I might keep the headset since it looks very solid and it is a BMX design so it should be ok.

    OK now to the parts i need help with. I have already bought a few things just waiting for them to be delivered.

    Handle Bars- Need recommendation

    Headset- Keeping original

    Forks- Keeping original untill there effed, I heard S&M Pitchforks 26" would be a good replacement what do you guys think?

    Crank- Bought already- Race Face Chester crankset with 32T Race Face Narrow/Wide Chainring

    BB- useing the one that comes with the Crank- Could still use a pointer to a replacement after the race face one wares out. Cuz i hear there good BB's but tend to ware out kinda quick.

    Rims- Need recommendation I'v heard its best to go with ether Mavic or Alex just i'm not sure which model would best suit my need

    Hubs- Now this is where i really need help. I'm looking for preferably sealed hubs but I'm also looking for a set front and rear that doesn't have Disk mounts for disk breaks

    Pedals- Need recommendation Looking for Decent Quality Grippy Platform Pedals or something close to that.

    I know this is alot to ask But i'm completely new to the Dirt Jumping scene. I'm not sure if its just me but it seems like there alot more sizes and different parts and types when it comes to Dirt Jumpers and what not compared to BMX's. Which got me kinda lost when i was first part hunting.

    Now Keep in mind i'm not looking for top of the line crazy stuff. I'm more looking for good Quality parts that will last but not break the bank if you all know what i mean.

    So if anybody out there is willing to help me out with this task i would greatly appreciate it.
    And thanks in advance
  • 09-20-2014
    Anybody Anybody at all please I really only need help with the hubs.
  • 09-21-2014
    Welcome to the scene. I also rode 100% bmx prior to getting a DJ bike in 2006.

    Most higher quality mtb's and mtb hubs are designed for disc brakes. I know there are non-disc hubs out there, but I'd have to research it. Also note that many mtb rims are not designed for rim brakes. Disc brakes are the standard. So if you shell out a pile of cash for a wheelset with non-disc hubs and rim-braking rims, you won't be able to use them (or at least the rear wheel) on most other DJ frames if you ever get a new frame.

    It can be helpful to check out Bicycle Technologies International. They are a distributor that bike shops order from. In particular, look at NS Bikes, Atomlab, Black Market, Gusset, Halo, DMR, etc. These are brands that tend to more DJ-focused stuff.

    Honestly, I think your approach here--buying a cheaper mtb, then replacing parts with expensive parts, is not a great approach. I think you should just ride it as is for a while, then sell it complete. Then start over. The best deal will be a used, but hardly ridden DJ bike. There are actually a lot of them out there, because a lot of XC riders build up a DJ because they're interested in jumping, but then don't get into it seriously.

    Like these were both $1000-ish new, but for $400. Not bad. The only mistake would be getting a used bike that has a bad fork. Then you'll pay $400-ish for an aftermarket suspension fork.

    2011 Specialized 26" P2 Dirt Jump bike

    Specialized Dirt jumper P2 26" OBO
  • 09-21-2014
    Ya i'm in canada so finding a decent used dirt jumper for around that price is next to impossible.
  • 09-21-2014

    Originally Posted by CptKlink View Post
    Ya i'm in canada so finding a decent used dirt jumper for around that price is next to impossible.

    There are a lot of bikes posted on pinkbike.com that are in Canada:

    2013 Norco Ryde Green 26" For Sale

    2008 haro thread one For Sale