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    New question here. Will 7.75" i2i shock hurt my bike?

    Forgive me for posting a non-Turner specific question here, but it's the weekend and I'm desperate for an answer--riding tomorrow. So I've come to the most knowledgeable and active board seeking counsel.

    I have an '01 Titus Quasi-Moto and am just about to finish building it up. I got a raw deal and bought a shock off of the classifieds that was listed as 7.875" but now I realize it's actually 7.75". This new Float AVA is not quite as long as the Vanilla it's replacing. Will I hurt anything by using it temporarily? I don't think so, but wanted to be reassured.

    I'm not going to use this shock for too long. I would put the Vanilla back on but it's way oversprung for me. Planning to get the proper spring and have it Pushed and not screw around anymore. So disappointing.

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    Forgive me if Im wrong but I dont that there is a 7.75" i2i shock, it should be 7.87 or 7 7/8".
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    The only issue I can think of is if the new shock has the same stroke as the old one, given the shorter i2i, that it could cause the suspension to bottom at a lower point and cause some sort of frame contact/binding. Put the shock on the bike, deflate the shock, compress the suspension fully, and check for clearance all over. The tire should not hit the "seat tube" (whatever passes for a seat tube on the Quasi ), the rocker plates should not hit the shock, etc etc. As long as nothing hits anything else, you should be fine.
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    thanks for the feedback

    Thanks for the help. But now I can't get the shifting right--the rear der. is hitting the chain stay in high gears. And the seatpost is a little too long! I thought it would slide all the way through, but it stops at the bottom of the seatmast. The vice I bought for my work bench won't fit the existing base--I see a theme developing here--and I don't think I have the right saw anyway. So after two weekends of novice wrenching trying to get this thing ready to go, I'll probably be renting a damn bike! Oh yeah, and I can't find my nice Sidi shoes.

    How's that for whining? Should have just forked out the cash for a Reign 2 and been stupid and happy.

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