• 02-24-2009
    Switching stock "Light" compression shock with "Medium" or "Firm" one
    So after finally figuring out that the 2008 Flux frames come with a RP23 shock set at the "Light" compression damping as set up by Turner through Fox, I am wondering if anyone has tried using a "Medium" or "Firm" compression set up on their Flux??

    In case anyone is not sure what I am talking about: The compression tune graph is on the air sleeve and shows 3 bars like a wireless phone signal and the bar highlighted in white shows your current Fox Factory tune setup. Light is the small bar and Firm is the tallest bar.

    I only weigh 145 lbs but find myself easily bottoming out the shock on medium hits even at 200 psi. Also, anyone with the light setting should notice that there is not much difference between the normal setting and the propedal 3 setting.

    Thanks in advance for your responses.
  • 02-24-2009
    Do you have a high or low volume (HV or LV) air sleeve? Most bottoming problems are solved by going from HV to LV.
  • 02-26-2009
    +1 on that. The firmer end-stroke ramp up of an LV can would be a better way to go. It would also be much cheaper to try.

    Leave the compression damping where DW and DT designed it for now.