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    Sultan vs Evolve

    First off, this isn't a troll looking for a fight, just looking for some honest answers. I've found I NEED a 29er. At 6'3" 210lb, I feel like I've finally found a bike that fits. I was able to borrow a 29er for about a week, and riding it felt like I discovered a new sport. I've been riding mtn bikes for quite awhile , and bought my first full sus bike in 2001, a Truth. Now I've been thoroughly happy with this bike, no issues like cracks or dents (insert a knock on wood here). I ride fast but light, having ridden rigids for my formative years. I haven't paid attention to the mtn bike industry, nor these forums these past years, so I had no background in what's happened in it. Doing a bit of searching thru the archives has shown me that there's a lot of baggage that the Ellsworth brand is now carrying. It seems like Tony Ellsworth has p*ssed off some because of patent wars, screwing other builders, the frames are prone to dents and cracks, and customer service leaves something to be desired. All legitimate issues. Have I missed any? Now I really like my Truth, and have demo'd an Evolve and loved it. Ridden a Ventana El Rey and liked the Evolve better. I haven't ridden a Sultan. I'm now ready to pull the trigger on a new bike purchase.
    Has anyone direct experience with both the Evolve AND the Sultan? I know that posting this to the Turner forum will result in a whole lot of positive Sultan comments, but will I see comments about the Ellsworth be about the Evolve and not about TE or the company's recent history?
    If I'm riding an Ellsworth, new or old, do others I pass on the trail consider me a jack*ss or jerk for riding this brand? Will you stop and offer me the use of your pump if I forgot mine and am stuck with a flat out there? Comments I've read on mtbr leads me to ask these questions. I don't mean to be inflammatory. I want to believe we're all like souls out there on the trails, whether we ride a bike from Sandford and Son or from a high end boutique builder. Thanks for your thoughtful comments.

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    You'll probably have more luck in finding a direct comparison on the 29er board

    What about the Evolve did you prefer over the El Ray?

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