Sixpack, DHX coil and a growing mass.-
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    Sixpack, DHX coil and a growing mass.

    I do keep fit, honestly, I ride, run and hit the gym as often as possible and when I'm in the groove I work out every day, but it seems that as I add on years the years add on a couple of pounds, not good. So in the few years I've owned my sixpack I've added 12lbs to my frame, some of which could be described as muscle (I did manage to go from a 39 to 35 inch waist at the same time).

    The bike came fitted with a DHX shock fitted with a 600lbsx 2.35 spring, which was fine at the time, but after a call from PUSH, where they asked whether I was happy with the 600, I have a couple of questions.
    Are there any other 220-230lbs riders of a sixpack out there and what spring are you using?
    Should I go 650 or 700?
    I was thinking of going Ti, but there doesn't seem to be a +600 Ti spring out there, does anyone know better?

    Cheers for any help.

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    I am not sure about what springs are out there, but you must be WAY undersprrung for someone who is 220-230. I have a 600lb coil on my '06 RFX and weigh in at about 180 and it is just perfect.

    Good luck with your search!


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    Back when I had an 05 6pack, I was at 230lbs, and running a 700lb spring. On my 07 RFX(a little bit lower leverage ratio), I was running a 650 lb spring at the same weight. I'd say you are a little undersprung with a 600 lb spring.
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    Cheers for the info, I'll be heading over to the LBS during lunch to order up a 700lb shock today.

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    Spring Calculator

    Here is a handy link for estimating spring requirements:

    TFTuned Shox

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    I'm pretty sure they only make Ti srings up to 600lbs, I maybe be corrected or maybe they have gone beyond that, I read that somewhere

    Lucky 600 is my lucky number, I still got no Ti

    I woulda put you around 650 -700 myself since Im a bit lighter though proably pushing 215 now am such a lard ass, 7months off is killing my butt cheek conditioning
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