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    Sea Otter

    Anything new from Turner at Sea Otter, or just gravel bikes now?
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    I think most people have moved on.. Even the homer/fanbois.

    So maybe the CX bike on display and a bunch of tumble weed.

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    Basically seems like Dave semi retired after he realized the high end boutique MTB scene is just too competitive these days. Way too many bikes and brands out there that have grown from nothing to fairly large sales in just a few years (see Guerilla Gravity, etc.) and many are direct to consumer just like Turner is now. The beginning of the end was the Horst Linkage going off patent around 2014. The DW linkage was ahead of its time for awhile and still has some benefits especially in climbing but the differences are now minor. No patent needed now to produce a bike that is 95% as good as a DW-Lin which is why all these small brands offer Horst linkage bikes. Even Dave Weagle has moved on to other designs (Evil's Delta and the DW-6 on Robot bikes). I think a lot of hard core riders as they get older are seeing gravel riding as the next step especially after seeing some 18 year old do back flips at the Red Bull Rampage and saying I am too old for that scene. Gravel is growing a lot and is attracting an older set of guys who can spend a lot. Finding US frame welders is also super hard these days. I think we will see more gravel bikes in the future but I am just not seeing much in the way of Turner MTB bikes going forward. Could be wrong of course but this is what I am seeing in the industry.

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    Sea Otter

    Dave (DW) never “moved on” with Delta. Delta has been around for many years and was originally created as a testing platform. DW link as well as VPP, Horst Link etc. are all viable designs, they just do it a little differently. That said, Turner seems to have moved on for one reason or the other. Regardless I wish him the best.

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    Long live turner bikes, I am faithful that there will be a resurgence soon!

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    I am faithful also.
    what is Frank 'the welder' up to these days? Maybe he could be a source for frame production.

    I would buy an alloy LT aggro sultan or 29er style RFX would you?

    Maybe this next model could be call " The Mongol"

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