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    RP3 - comparing 5 Spot settings to Flux settings

    I've been trying to search for RP3 threads in the Turner forum, but just a handful of the threads, in the 8 pages the search brought up, pertain to the Flux. There are quite a few for the Burner, and an insane amount for the 5 Spot. How does the setup information for the 5 Spot compare to a Flux?

    For instance, I've read that some people feel the RP3 is overly damped. Would that be only on the aftermarket RP3's, or would it also pertain to an OEM RP3 (set to light PP) like the one on my Flux? I run 140 psi and have my shock set at 4 clicks from full fast dampening, and it seems fine to me. I'm around 160 to 165 psi loaded up for riding.

    I very rarely bottom it out, as I don't hit stuff that hard. The only time I knew I bottomed it out, was when going downhill on a fairly smooth fireroad, and there was a dip going across, just like one you'd see on a residential street. I hit it while sitting and I could physically feel it bottom out. Normally I'm standing when hitting bumps, so this type of bottoming out isn't something that would normally happen.

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    I have a Spot and a Flux. I weigh 200 lbs, 210 with gear. For my Flux, the PSI on the RP3 is set at 230. I find this to be very nice racing and XC style riding. I like to set my Flux up a little firmer. For my 5 Spot, the PSI on the RP3 is set at 180. I find this to be ideal for my trail riding, which I would consider to be light to moderate trail riding.

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    I believe these shock settings are a very subjective, personal thing. You can read all you want, but it will boil down to what yer butt tells you...

    Try lots of settings, from too soft to too firm, and keep notes. Setting preferences will change w/ conditions as well, so don't get stuck on the idea of a "perfect" number.
    Also, different pumps will give different readings too...
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