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    Rocker Questions (Yes More....)

    Had search through all the rocker threads and didn't quite find the answers I was looking for, hence another rockers thread....

    I have and old RFX (large 2002) which is currently running an Avalanche DHS shock. With the B rockers the BB is a bit high and I'm looking at ways to lower it without loosing too much travel (nothing new here).

    1. Has anyone tried running the 5.5 Spot rockers on an older RFX and if so what was the net result on BB height, angles, ride etc.

    2. Are the older A rockers, or pack rockers and better option if I can locate some.

    3. Are the older A rockers the same as the Afterburner rockers? If they are how does the Afterburner obtain a quoted 7" of travel and the RFX only 6" when the geometries are fairly similar when you put the frames side by side?? Note: if someone has the dimensions of the A rocker I can compare to my Afterburner rockers to clear that up.


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    I think your best bet is to locate some "A" type RFX rockers or some 6 Pack ('05-'06 6pack/RFX) rockers. Both of these are very similar. They will drop the BB a bit, slacken the HA a bit and still give you 6" of travel.

    No idead about the 5.5 rockers, or the Afterburner rockers. Sorry.


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    here's some A numbers, measured at eyeballed centers of holes on the inside of the rocker
    drop to lower hole center 38mm

    5's, 5.5's, 6a, 6pack, bb will be about the same, tire may hit the seat post with the 6's remedied with longer pack seat stays which then raise the bb.

    Hopefully the afterburners work and you can see what happens.

    The 5.5's are a good idea too, might make the rear end a little more lively. Since I have a highline I've been running the 02 rfx with the five inch rockers for the bermy jumpy stuff and digging the feel. Spending some time on a 5.5ed 03 spot also and really liking that.

    It's all good

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    Thanks for the A numbers, I'll measure up the Afterburners and report back.

    I may try some 5.5 rockers too, and if it doesn't work they can always be put on my spot.
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