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    Retro Burner build pic. Burner reborn!

    with the recent addition of the flux and the SPaaNB on the way, i decided to return my old burner to a more retro spec and retire it. the build as you see it here is almost perfectly representitive of how it looked in late 1988 through mid 2000. theres still a few small details to work out like housing diameter, s/post and h/bar. im thinkin it might be cool to do a little ebay search for some of the original parts to make it as close as i can to its 1st spec back in late 1995. early 1996. sorry for the less than perfectly clean parts. ill get up another spiffy shot later. anyway i thought it was kinda cool. maybe you do too.

    heres the parts list:

    Turner Burner frame 17.5” S# 01
    Turner short travel rocker arm 2 ½” travel
    Ultimate Machine ti rocker arm bolt kit
    Fox Alps 5R rear shock
    ’98 Marzocchi Atom Bomb fork 65mm travel
    SRP/Marzocchi ti bolt kit
    Chris King No Threadset
    Icon Durante stem
    Titec Hell Bent handlebar
    Oury grips
    XTR 8 spd shift pods
    XTR brake levers
    Avid 2.0 brakes
    Avid Rim Wrangler ceramic brake pads
    Machine Tech ti brake bolt kit
    XTR Rapid Rise rear derailleur
    XTR bottom swing front derailleur
    TNT ti bottom bracket
    TNT bottom bracket spacer
    Race Face Turbine LP cranks
    XT chainrings 24/34/46
    SRP alloy chainring bolts
    American Classic alloy crank bolts
    Shimano 747 pedals
    XTR ti cassette 11/32
    Sedis PC 68 chain
    Bontrager/Chris King Race Lite wheels
    Tioga Route 66 Factory XC 26 x 1.95 kevlar tires
    Turner seatpost clamp
    Syncros 31.6 seatpost
    Serfas ti Kevlar seat
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    Very puuuurty. I think you should do what I recently did with old Sugar...make it a SS! The Burner could make one sweet SS and it wouldn't be hard to do at all. FWIW, here are my pics on the SS board. It turned out great.
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    SS Burner? hmmm......

    Quote Originally Posted by Crash_FLMB
    The Burner could make one sweet SS and it wouldn't be hard to do at all.
    quite the idea crash but i tried the SS thing once and didnt care much for it. i know, im so not cool. but it sure would be somethin wouldnt it? the other thing is ive gotten my 10 years out of it and id rather retire Ike in one piece, so to speak, than break serial number A01 burner. its a bit of a collecters item id say. now to find a '95 judy sl, matching kore stem and hell bent bar, some blue kooka cranks, a old xt rd, and some 217 hoops. ive got the original xt r hub but let the blue ringle post, machine tech f hub and zero flex brakes go on my old stumpy h/t sale. kickin myself now!

    heres the bike in 97 with a set of 1st year crossmax's i was demoing. everything else was the same if i remember it right. may have been runnin xt pods in cnced mounts and real levers now that i think about it. those will be easy to find again huh? riiiiiight!
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    some of the original blue bits

    i got to diggin through some old pics and found this one. my old stumpy i sold with almost all of the original annoed cnc parts i had on the first burner build back in december of 95.

    blue hyperlite bar
    silver real levers
    silver pod mounts (forget who made those. real perhaps?)
    blue profile bar ends
    blue kooka cranks
    silver real rings 20/34/46 (yep, a 20)
    blue tnt ring bolts
    blue tnt crank bolts (still got em)
    xt b/bkt 122.5mm (got one)
    xt rd
    blue bullet bros tensioner
    blue rollamajig (acctually not a avid but some uk made part that pre-dated the rollamajig if i recall it right)
    silver 217's
    blue machine tech ft hub
    blue machine tech zero flex 2 brakes
    blue onza chill pills
    scott.matthouser pads (got 1 pair)
    blue trans x qr's
    ritchey z max wsc 2.1 kevlar ft tire
    conti cross country 1.95 kevlar r tire (not pictured)
    purple look clipless pedals (not pictured)

    think i sold this in 02 or early 03. what a mistake! how cool would it be to have it back to 100% original?
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    This is cool. I must be getting old as I start to get kinda nostalgic reminiscing about pre millenium bike stuff, the good and the bad, how it took me so far, or sometimes not. I had lots of the stuff you had on my Ventana/Rocky Mountain Element "clone" Giant ATX 990- Judy SLs, Mav217s, 95 XTR, Syncros seatpost, Kore stem (still using on a hardtail now), Velociraptors, 747s, and anytime I could get some blue ano bit, on it went, like the useless pulley thingy which took the loop out of the rear deariler cable. I loved the 8 speed XTR, and with the 46 tooth, you could seriosuly crank on flat sections. Those XTR M-950 hubs have been so solid, and though the races are slightly worn (my fault for not maintaining them enough maybe), they are still going strong.

    Ive still got those cursed 95 Judy SLs, but if you wanted em you'd have to weld the right droput back on, and the steerer tube is steel like it was for the DHs -after the crown broke and the fcukers had to replace the whole steerer/crown asembly and to add insult to injury made it heavier by doing so. Incidently the droput broke 6 weeks after having the crown/steerer replaced and its taken me 6 years to finaly buy a rock shox fork again. Oh and the internals are scattered in a million bits after I helped a mate out rebuilding his 97 XCs. The funny thing is, they actually worked really well for about 3 years, with the Noleen damped 3" rear end and 95 XTR, that bike was a sweetly balanced, light and nimble bike which would hold its own today.

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    1st pics: jan '96

    i did some digging and came up with these shots of the original build spec at a race in casa grande. my arm was still a mess so i couldnt ride it much less race it. hows about all that blue anno? weeeeeeee!

    GRRRRRRRR!!!! all attempts to post a pic are devoid of any success. been tryin for 2 days now. maybe tomorrow.......
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    I might have you covered on the 95 XT rear der!! I might be able to help you with a 217 rim also.

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    looks like ill owe ya a beer and a bill. thanx buddy!
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