Rear disc sizing for 5-spot-
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    Rear disc sizing for 5-spot

    I'm curious to see if anyone here is running 200mm discs on the rear of their 5 spots...I currently am running juicy 7s with 200mm avid discs front and rear and i'm getting a slight rub on the lower weld of the rear triangle. The clearance is less than 1mm but with lateral loads while riding the disc rubs slightly.

    Anyways I'm going to switch over 185mm or 160mm. I think 200mm was overkill for the rear to begin with considering most of your braking force is applied at the front.

    With that in mind, does anyone have experience with 160mm in the rear and 200 in the front? Do you think 160 will be too small a rotor to dissapate heat fast enough for a 210lb rider on a decent downhill?

    Thanks for the input

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    I am running a Hope M6 with a 205mm rotor on the front and a Hope M4 on the rear with a 180mm rotor and that combo works perfect for me and I weigh about 220 geared up and ready to crash. You would probably be fine with a 160mm on the rear, I just don't see the rear heating up that much to cause any issue.

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    It'll be fine. I weigh the same as you and used to run 203mm saint on the rear. I never managed to get the pads hot enough to bed them in and they wore terribly quickly as a result. Clearance to the chanistay was a touch on the close side too (although fine)

    I switched to a 160 which is fine for braking and beds the pads in too. If you can lock the rear, theres enough in back IMO, and I can still lock the rear with a 160mm rotor.

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    Good job! I run both

    I switch back and forth from 160mm to 203mm, depending on the ride. I am using XT hydro's and the Shimano adaptors; very close in the back but have never even scratched the powdercoat on that frame weld where it is very close.

    I weigh 200 riding weight and I cannot flex my Large 5 Spot rear triangle.
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    I ride a hope m4 mono 160 on the back, and have never had a problem locking the rear wheel. Up front I ride the 180 version, but haven't been too impressed so far - they do stop if you pull the lever enough, but they mine are progressive to the point of feeling soggy at the lever and the pistons don't seem to like retracting, leading to irritating rubbing from time to time. Rumour has it that I should take the pads off after washing the bike down and give the pistons a squirt of GT85 or similar, but every time I do that I end up contaminating something. Cant see much point in having a 180 on the back, as the 160 seems to stop nearly as well.

    By contrast, when I ride a friends rig with hope M4 200 rotors up front I keep launching myself over the handlebars it grabs so much. Very on/off, which probably also wouldn't suit a back wheel. I suspect neither of us have set the brakes up perfectly, and I'm going to bleed my 180s to see if I can get any 'bite' out of them at all.

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    My final setup on the 5 Spot was a 210/190 Louise FR. I loved it. I got used to quick stops very fast and can't imagine riding without strong brakes anymore. I'm on a 210/180 setup on my RFX now and I do feel a difference in the rear. I can't afford any parts so that's what I'm gonna stick to for a while, as I deisgnated the 190 to my DH bike. The bigger rotor helps when you run meaty tires, it also increases the modulation of the brake.


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