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    PUSH eval on XCE

    I just got a new PUSH mod float for my XCE. I had a Romic before, with the X-R rockers. I just can't say enough about the upgrade. The shock is just as responsive over the rough stuff, but when you hammer out of the saddle it is a rock. I can't recommend it enough. The guys at PUSH will actually call you back, and seem to really take pride in service.

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    Rather than start a new thread, I thought I'd just add to this one. I had my first hardcore ride on my Push'd Vanilla RC (I got the "Race" treatment) for my XCE and was simply blown away by its performance. It turned a great bike into an exceptional bike.

    The Push'd Vanilla compared to stock is:
    - more supple on the small chatter
    - way more efficient
    - dramatically more stable at high speed
    - tracked all terrain much better
    - quality of travel is much much better

    The XCE became much more stable at high speeds allowing me to bomb faster than I could before; now the limiting factor is the fork (Fox Vanilla R) and the 4" in front. During high speed downhills through horse-hooved chopped up trails, the rear was stable and smooth, but the fork couldn't keep up. The rear seemed as stable as the 5" of travel from the Romic on my 5 Spot.

    2 caveats concerning my impressions:
    - I have never ridden my XCE with a Romic (or any other shock for that matter)
    - my Vanilla had about 2.5-3 years of solid riding on it without ever doing an overhaul rebuild; I'm speculating the Vanilla prior to the Push was not the same as the Vanilla that I started with.

    That being said, the improvement was immediately apparent when I pedaled the gravel road to the trail. I marvelled at how much more efficient it is, and yet more plush - in all areas. Also, I noticed how well it handled the "2nd compression" - i.e. you hit something, the suspension compresses, the suspension then rebounds (usually past sag), the suspension re-compresses again. This latter recompress you could feel the shock decelerating in a very controlled manner and stopping the yo-yo effect. I would attribute this to the tuning to my weight/style.

    I don't know if the Push'd Vanilla is better or worse than the new Fox DHX, but if the DHX is even better, what a shock it must be. I'd love to compare a Push'd Vanilla to the Romic on my 5-Spot, and/or try a DHX.

    Oh and Tscheezy - you have GOT to get your Vanilla Push'd on your XCE when you get back. Hell, send a note to the girlfriend to go take it off the bike and send it in so it will be waiting for you when you return.

    The performance of the Push'd rear shock has me lusting for the fork upgrade that Darren is going to come out with.

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    The other benefit of the PUSH upgrade is that it is custom tuned to you. No matter how good the DHX is, it is not a custom tuned shock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anand
    The other benefit of the PUSH upgrade is that it is custom tuned to you. No matter how good the DHX is, it is not a custom tuned shock.
    .....well, the obvious is true, however some have said they prefer the stock DHX to the PUSH RC....the truth is, Darren @ PUSH is very excited about the platform the new DHX has created (bigger shaft, air assist-ability...much more potential for tnue-ability). He thinks it is the best case scenario for PUSHing So, when the time comes for a tune-up....he will definitely be seeing mine!!!

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    anand, consider this

    The DHX 5.0 has adjustable separate settings for:

    1. Spring rate and preload
    2. Compression
    3. Rebound
    4. Bottom out
    5. Platform.

    All with a huge range.

    By the time I've got it dialed, it darn well will be custom tuned to me. Plus I will be able to tweak it myself as conditions change.

    That said, I would be sending my Vanilla RC's in to PUSH if I still had them. I've told the people who own them now to consider the modification. Sounds like a great upgrade to me.
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