Noisy 2009 Flux and compression problems?-
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    Noisy 2009 Flux and compression problems?

    Have recently bought a S/H 2009 Flux.It has been great and have only ridden it maybe three times since built so i realise a bit of tuning might be in order.Last night was the the first time i have ridden it in anger and i have noticed a creaking and cracking noise of the suspension when moving.The frame is only three months old so maybe the pivots are stiff and need a bit of bedding in? The other problem i found while riding around a rather technical bit of singletrack was a large amount of pedal strikes! I have set the correct sag with pro pedal off but over the lumps and bumps where you need to pedal there was a problem.It seemed to dive into the travel and i ground a pedal a few times halting my progress.I will experiment with propedal and pressures a bit more but interested in your thoughts? I have ridden my 2004 5 Spot round the same loop with not such a problem (but have the odd pedal strike elsewhere!)
    Thanx Max

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    I have a 2009 flux and also get quite a few pedal strikes, which surprised me. Would be good if I am doing something wrong as it will make me wince when I am hitting my new 4ti egg beaters.

    My compression for a fastish reaction and my sag is set correct as well.

    Don't put propedal on, it doesn't need it and on Dave Weagles site where he talks about the tuning session he had with Dave Turner he reports that propedal degrades performance for everything except out-of-saddle mashing.

    I also had a couple of creaks this weekend so am going to refresh the zerk points.

    Otherwise the main pivot was very stiff on my 2009 due to a pivot bolt that was oversized at the ends - might be worth looking at - look for the stiction thread of mine.

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    Is the BB height lower than your 2004 5spot? If so, it just takes a while to get used to the low BB height and avoid pedal strikes. But you should not need propedal and run about 30% sag for regular riding (maybe less for racing). You'll learn to love the low center of gravity. These creaks have many sources, don't assume it is the suspension right off the bat. My last creak (which I was 99% sure was coming from some pivot) turned out to be a loose derailluer hanger!!

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