New 5 Spot - First Impressions-
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    New 5 Spot - First Impressions

    I got a new 5 Spot in January from 123 bikes. I had a really good experience with them, bike was well built just the way I wanted it, shipped to me on time and the folks there were and continue to be very helpful (thanks Mike).

    I have gone from a FSR Stumpjumper to this bike and all I can say is WOW! This bike is so well balanced and I always feel like I am right where I need to be to climb, descend or fly. This bike climbs and climb and climbs. Its not the fastest given a little more weight but the rear tire always finds traction without the front end wondering. I have been able to get up steep, loose stuff that my friend with a Blur cannot (and my legs are weak). The bike makes going down so fun that I can't get enough. I have gained so much confidence that I now search for the rockiest, roughest and steepest stuff. No need to pick the easy line, just go and this bike floats over anything. The only thing that my friends Blur does better is acceleration, that bike responds so well and handles like no other on tight single track. I am still getting used to the slacker head angle, it really feels much different than the FSR or Blur. As far as the bike build goes it's the usual.

    Large frame (got the older no painted rear, looks better )
    XT drive
    XTR old style shiffers with XTR rear derailer (love the old style)
    Avid mechanical (easy, not as good modulation as my old XTR rim brakes)
    Fox Vanilla (perfect for this bike given my riding)
    Chris King Hubs/Mavic rims (these buzz like hell, love them or hate them)
    Tubeless tire (jury still out on these)
    Thompson (great quality)

    Here is a few pictures, I will take my camara on the trails and send in some of this thing in action (the only thing that matters)
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    Nice parts spec. Have you weighed her?

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    I used a regular people scale and it was a little over 28lbs. I don't know how accurate it is but its in that range. Not bad for a bike that can do what this thing can do.

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    123 is a good shop! mike also helped out w/ mine. You got a good lookin one - cant say I care much for the non-polished rear ends they are putting out now - lucky you got a polished one. Must be able to save cash on not polishing the aluminum....

    I also noticed that my spot is not as quick accelerating in a straight line as my old 99 burner, [mine is built up a little beefier than your spec.], but I just keep telling myself "you are not in a race!". It doesn't send any feedback thru the pedals indicating any annoying bob effects, but you cant hide 33 lbs of spot! I love the ride, but realize that I am NOT on a race bike anymore. Stairs anyone?

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