Sure like to find a magic lamp and try the Marzocchi 55 RC3 Ti.

I've had this 2009 Fox 36 TALAS for a year now. Comming out of warrenty any day now I opted to install Enduro Seals and oil with synthetic motor oil. Completed last week and all was fine for the first ride. More stiction than new but I expected that. I did notice having to add in a few clicks more rebound. From 3 to 6 as it settled in.
During the week I made a second application of stanchion lube. Wanting to compress the fork all the way I let all the air out first.
Note: This year has had the bottom out controll removed from the damper.
Surprize the fork didn't compress all the way. I leaned on it a bit more and something gently gave. After that no resistance to bottom. I aired back up and everything seemed ok.
Well the next ride was last Saturday. Sure enough about three hours in the fork started to sound like there was air in the damper. I needed to dial many more clicks of rebound to finish up the ride.
Sunday morning I pulled the damper and found a small part of the bladder had been displaced and fork oil had leaked into the lowers. I followed Fox's service procedure to partialy dismantle the damper. The nut was firmly on the bladder cap. The bladder went right back to shape with no apparent harm done. Filled, cycled, let set and then assembled.
Fork works as well as ever now. Back to 6 clicks rebound and sounds normal.

I hadn't changed the damper oil before this problem.
What could have caused the bladder to displace?
Does the TALAS cart have a negetive chamber? Just curious! Doesn't feel like it.