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    Moab, SW Utah Big Tires/Tubes?

    I'm headin down to Moab and Hurricane this Winter and plan on taking my 5 Spot for xc with NBX or Vertical Pros. I have a new RFX/66 for FR with Gooey Gluey Big Betty's they are great around here on roots and loamy dirt. I know just about anything sticks on the dry rock in Utah and would like to run a tire that will wear fairly well, and hold up to the abusive conditions. I don't see the GG compund lasting long down there and kinda want to save them for when I need the stickyness. I plan on doing some drops and hitting the DH parts pretty hard on the RFX. I'm 220 and have to climb all the hills to get the descents.

    1. I've been considering the Panaracer Fire FR and Tioga DH. What do you think?

    2. I don't want to be pinch flatting and am considering FR or DH tubes. Recomendations?
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    im told the tiogas rule for moab and theyre cheap to boot! at 200, id suggest some properly fitted fr tubes like ya said. i like presta tubes and i always run the little lock nuts to keep em from gettin torn off. always carry at least 2 spares, a patch kit, pump and some co2 if ya like. for as long as yer gonna be there, ya may wanna consider at least a 2nd set of tires. moab eats rubber and fast. yer gonna have a blast!
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    The Tioga Factory DH tires in either 2.3 or 2.5 are pretty much unbeatable in the back. They hook up, stiff sidewalls, grippy rubber, and cheap enough to be disposable.

    In the front I tend to like sticky rubber since you are not on slickrock all the time. Neves and Blue Grooves shed knobs to fast for my taste, but the Kenda Kinetics in 2.6 don't lose knobs, are nice in the Stick-e rubber compound, and are also super cheap.
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    ditto tscheezy on the kinetics. $15 blowouts on kenda's site

    for durability on rock, not just wear, but toughness against cuts and tears, i like maxxis dual ply DHs: 2.7 sticky mobster on the front and 2.5 60a high roller on the back. heavy, but peace of mind. plus, you can run them low pressure and the rotational mass helps blow through terrain on the DH.

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    TB, when you posted earlier about this trip you sounded like an excited kid. Trip of a lifetime kinda stuff.

    Use those sticky tires. The front won't wear out, and the back will last about 40 hours. During those 40 hours -- athough you may be a mere mortal in reality -- you will feel like a traction-gifted godlike figure!

    I get out that way about twice a year, and when I add up the cost of the whole trip, I just don't care if I grind through a $40 back tire while I'm there.

    I run the Kenda Stick-E Blue Grooves front and rear. Not a tire I like much anywhere else that I ride, but for sidehill rock stuff, I like the smooth transition of a rounder profile tire. I've heard all good stuff about the Big Betty's too, so I'd say you're good to go, on tires that will work great, and that you're very used to.

    I also run Spec Airlock tubes in the desert, because I don't know where every thorn in the state is like El Chingon and Team Sanchez, and because holding up the group to fix a flat is no fun for anyone!

    Edit: Just noticed that you were wondering about the Fire FR 2.4. One of my faves (currently mounted on my RFX), and they're big, cheap, and wear like iron. Team Sanchy-Poo is a little bit ambivalent about them, though, and they live there.
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