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    life expectancy of spot?

    I hear that the life expectancy of a 5 spot (or most quality aluminum frames) is 3-5 years...of course it depends on how hard you ride, but, does anyone have any thoughts on this? I have a 5-spot I purchased in Dec 2007 and it is still solid.

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    I have a 2004 HL Spot, still going strong - light to moderate use

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    7 years

    I had two break on me in a year, but the 3rd frame had new gussets in places and it finished its 7th summer. That is a lot of bike trips and riding, and still doesn't show stress cracks or anything. When they have broken it has been at non-consequential welds. Top gusset of rear shock, and top weld of seat post. I moved up to a 11' spot this summer because I wanted a new 36 on the front end. Otherwise, I would keep riding the old one.
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    Mine is 9 years+ old;

    but I do not huck.

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    Also still have a 2004 Spot, going strong. Was my only bike for 4 of those years.

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    My 1999 RFX (essentially a 5 Spot but with heavier non-butted tubing) is still going strong under it's second owner as is my 2000 O2. My other friends' 2 XCEs and yet another RFX of the same vintage are still truckin' as well.
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    I think it all depends on your riding style and where you ride. That 3-5 yrs business is not really accurate as you can see by the other replies. I rode an 04' burner for 6 years and 6000 miles and currently ride an 08' spot with no thoughts of changing frames.
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    I am third owner of 2004 HL 5Spot and it looks and feels like new. Ah well all parts wheels fork etc are 2009-2011.

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    My 2002 built 5 spot prototype is still in use. That's only 9 years but I'm a smooth rider who seldom leaves the ground.

    But the prototype is heavier than the production spots and has a different gusset arrangement at the head-tube and seat-tower.
    I plan to ride it until it cracks, then reweld it, re-heat-treat it and ride it some more.
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    07 5 spot

    Been my go to trail bike since 07 . Peer pressure is pushing me towards a 29er but I am not done with this bad boy yet. In the end it will go before my 08 Flux . Keeping that for the perfect race tool IMO.
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