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    Let the bashing begin!

    OK, so after enough soul searching (and riding) I have decided that my RFX frame is just too large for the type of riding that I do with it! It feels great on the long uphill rides but,
    on the way back down it feels just a little out of control in the air (could be just me, but I don't feel out of control in the air on other bikes?!). The combination of high bottom bracket
    and the long seat tube make the bike to "XC" oriented for what I want it for

    So I have come up with several options, let's see what y'all think! Comments welcome!

    First, look for someone who wants to trade a large 02 rfx for a medium. Anyone know of anybody interested in this???

    Second, sell the rfx frame and use the money to get a 6 pack frame.
    Third, sell the rfx and use the money to...dare I say it....get something else


    Here is a pick of my rfx (sniff, sniff....I will miss you )
    These are the only other bikes that I am considering outside of the 6 pack!

    Man lifes full of tough choices
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    What you just stated is why I don't own a turner xc/trail bike. They feel too upright and high on descents regardless of how well they climb.

    I think that sx trail in your first post is a good direction to head. Buying a medium rfx will still feel like an rfx. I haven't ridden a 6-pack yet so I have no idea how that would compare however.

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    How tall are you and what stem are you running? Sounds like your frame might be too big... I built up an 18" '02 RFX for a freind and was shocked at how much larger it was compared to my 16.5". Extra weird since I run miles of seatpost on mine when climbing- my friends rib me about it. I'm 5'9" with a long inseam, the 16.5" is pretty short but there is no way I'd want a longer TT for free-ride stuff. Slam the seat an 16.5" feels nice and low.

    About the height thing; it's accentuated by the short head tube on turners which makes the rear feel tall. For a while I was down on the tall BB, but it's also allowed me to clear a lot of stuff on rocky FR trails that I would have gotten hung up on with a lower BB. Just depends on the trail- the tall BB sucks for smooth steep stuff. OTOH, with the 5" rockers (13.5" BB) I find myself knocking pedals regularly...

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    I'm 5'11" with a 34" inseam and have owned a large Spot for a couple years. While I don't have much of a problem with the 19.5" ST, I find the TT pretty long, but for an XC/trail bike I love it because I can run a short stem and still climb really well. Recently I bought a Pack and went with a medium, and I'm so glad I did. It fits great! I really like the feel of the slightly smaller bike in the air and riding tight techno. The 18.5" ST is something I also really like having on an FR bike. BTW, this is the first medium I've ever purchased.

    As a contrast I also own a large Iron Horse SGS with a 21" ST. Talk about big! With that long of a ST I can't really jump the bike quite as effectively, so I can relate to the feeling of loss of control. The only reason I had bought the large SGS instead of a medium is because I wanted at least 6" of seat adjustment, and only the large had that capability.


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