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    Highline Tires

    Hey, I'm just wondering what kind of experience people are having with non-DH tires for a Highline on lighter duty than full lift service or shuttles. Like a foldable 2.5 or somethin. Thanks

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    Iíve tried running big XCíish tires on my Highline a few times, tires I would normally run on my 5 Spot, and it seems every time I get to a good tech section I flat (usually dbl flat). Itís pretty rare I ride my Highline for anything but shuttle runs but if I am willing to peddle that beast around I sure donít want to hold back when I get the opportunity to use its potential.

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    If you're gonna run single plys, you're gonna have to pay the price. That is, run higher pressures to avoid the pinch flats. I run single plys for all the trail riding I do. The only time I don the dual plys is for chairlift riding. Because you will be running higher pressures, it is important to choose a tire with a soft rubber compound, if you are riding on hardpack. I've found that the 2.5 Nevy(960 gms) up front, and 2.4 telonix(1000 gms) in back works great. The telonix has a nice thick casing, that holds up well against pinch flats. Another popular singleply for hardpack riding is the Big Betty. It has a nice thick casing also, and holds up great against pinch flats. I've tried the Maxxis Advantage(2.4), but sliced the sidewalls within a week each time. I loved the way that tire hooked up, but in the end, the sidewall is too thin. This is the kind of riding my single plys see....
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    Anything less than a 2.5 is dumb on a highline IMO. You can try to "balance" your bike with a slightly bigger front tire than the rear, but realstically it's going to start handling like crap IMO if you make the rear smaller than 2.5, and those beefy DH tire sidewalls are nice.

    I guess if you're using the highline as an XC bike lighter would be good, but I use mine on occasion as an XC bike and just deal with it. If you have illusions of keeping up with XC riders either you should be real good or they should suck real bad.

    I slice the sidewalls on the tires on my RFX pretty regularly, mainly because that bike DOESN'T have DH tires like my highline.
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    Ditto on the Big Betty 2.4's. Work just dandy on my HL.
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    I gotta laugh at the black&white statements

    Yeah big tires are probably a must for dry & rocky terrain, and I certainly prefer them here in the dry season.... but for surfing wet rooty mulch, loamy steeps & woodwork, smaller tires can be your friend! I've ran Hutchinson Octopus 2.3 UST's in the past, during the winter here, and they're awesome and totally up for bigger moves. At 900g they're probably heavier than many 2.5's but you don't have to worry about them pinch-flatting, folding over or blowing off the rim. Pretty much my favorite all-rounder & the default tire on my RFX.

    regardless of size, thin sidwalls suck. Maybe weight is a better indicator than width? I haven't owned many sub-800g tires that I'd trust for much but XC.

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    I run standard version Big Betty's as tubeless, and also like Specialized Enduro 2bliss 2.4. I ride these tires in ALL conditions, off big drops, and have never had one blow off the rim, even in catastrophic crashes. I run both tubeless so pinch flats are not in my vocabulary. I weigh 220 with gear and ride these tires at 32psi. Both of these tires are sub 1000g.

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