I have read a number of great CS stories on this forum about Turner, and also some of the bike shops who are regular contributors. Through this forum, I connected with Larry @ Mountain High Cyclery and got to experience first hand some outstanding customer service.

Well, a few weeks ago Larry sent me my new 08 RFX completely built. I decided to immediately convert the Schwable Nobby Nics UST 2.4s on I9 Enduros to tubeless. Larry sent me the DT tubeless kits, but I was not able to get the rim tape on (yea, I'm lame). So, I took the wheels to my lbs to install the kits, as they sells a lot of high end mountain bikes. When installing the DT tubless kit on the second wheel, the wrench snagged the bead and it completely snapped when they tried to inflate the tire. The shop does not sell Schwalbes, so they left it to me to see if Schwalbe would cover the tire under warranty.

Schwalbe was absolutely fantastic! After calling their North American warrantly service and then sending a few pics of the damaged tire, Jeff from Schwalbe sent me a brand new tire out the next day and included a mounting aid solution. Jeff also sent a number of emails asking about how it happened and then explaining how to install the tire properly.

After walking through Jeff's instructions with th LBS, they were able to install the tire. While the lbs comp'd me the second DT tubeless kti, they did do some cosmetic damage to my new DT 5.1 rim. Oh well, I love the tires, they roll fast for a 2.4 and have incredible grip.

A good ending thanks to Schwalbe and Jeff!