Is it just me or do other people feel like this bike is going to get them in trouble? I have ridden this bike for a few months now and I keep getting more and more aggressive. Trails that were kicking my a$$, the ones with rock gardens that I had to pick my way through and often bailed are just not a problem now. This bike is so solid, stable and balanced that I feel like I can just blow through. The only trade-off that I can see is that this bike does not accelerate like the best XC bikes (i.e. blur, etc.). Not a big priority for the type of riding that I do.

I am still playing with the setup on the fork and shock. I run my vanilla with maximum/fast compression and mid rebound. The Romic I have set with maximum/fast compression and minimum/slow rebound. I ride any single track but love the rocky steep twisty stuff. Ultimate speed is not my need but this bike is “making” me go faster. It has taken me a while get used to the handling. My previous bike had a steeper geometry and it definitely feels different. It’s hard to describe other than a different balance between body position and steering input. All in all, this bike has exceeded my expectations.