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    DHR bolts torque specs

    Hi Homers,

    I have been riding my new DHR since a couple of weeks in the Swiss and French Alps (it performs awesome) and as the weather has been quite wet the linkage bushings and main pivot bearings have had a hard time.

    The tracks were so muddy that I had to extensively clean the bike after each session and grease the bushings via the zirks and lately I found out that Iīd better unmount the shock linkage and the main pivot to remove the dirt that otherwise would stay there and slowly kill the bushing/bearings. Indeed a lot of dirt was trapped in places that can only be accessed upon dismantling.

    So it is done now, everything is cleaned and properly greased, ready for the fall sessions. Or letīs say more or less, as I have not been able to find the proper torque specs for tightening the main pivot bolt as well as the linkage bolts and shock mount bolts for DHR on the Turnerīs website or in the forum.

    Does anybody know these torque values ?

    Thanks a lot for your help.


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    I have never seen an oficial torque spec for that main pivot type (DHR, Rail), or the linkage bolts. I can tell you however, that all of those pivots 'bottom' metal on metal. That means that there is no adjustment in bearing pre-load via tightening the bolts to a certain spec. So in the end, you want them TIGHT. Rather than a gradual increase in torque, you will usually feel the bolt abruptly get tight. Turn another 1/8 or so turn after this on the smaller pivot bolts, and about 1/4 turn on the 8mm main pivot bolt. If their is any 'slop' on the pivot try to tighten a little more, just dond strip the nut.

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