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    Czar max chainring (boost)?

    Anyone safely running a 36 tooth chain-ring in Boost? If so please list what crankset you are running. I'm going boost and want to run a 34 tooth oval on Shimano XTR Trail Boost cranks.

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    I will take a stab at this.... there is probably no one riding XTR, Boost, oval on a Czar that can answer definitively. First, I really think our regular chain angles from front to back are already at the raggedy edge with the chain grinding away on the outside of rings and inside of cogs for years, even doubles. So if anything we needed to go negative boost chainlines as most mountain bikers are spending more time at higher torque levels in the larger cogs in the back. So, going Boost on the front but not the back will increase an already sharp angle. Next, the XTR crank was never a good fit on the Czar, seems they were created in a vacuum and shared little with XT and the rest of the industry for Q and chainline on the same set of cranks, so if you want a light race crank, get a Race Face or one of the few other choices that are as light or lighter than XTR without the wonky numbers. Maybe someone can tell me if in the last couple years the XTR Q and chainlines aligned with the rest of the Shimano line and the industry? Dunno, but with almost no Shimano mtb sales, it is not on my short list of things to learn. Next, I will admit it was a long time ago, but I don't think I designed the Czar to fit bigger than a 34. My thinking was that if Nino raced most of the year on 36 and only occasionally a 38t, than 34 was MORE than adequate for 99.3% of the rest of the humanoid mtb racers.

    Short answer, 32 oval with proper chainline.

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    My experience (non boost). 36T round on an XX1 , 34T on an absolute black oval with Rotor cranks.

    Not much room on either but I'm well over 11,000 miles.

    Friend had XTR (double) on his Czar and it was very awkward but he sort of made it work.

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    I have xtr 985 (or 980, what ever is the trail version). This was a 2x crankset, but built as 3x crankset, a alas the outer ring in the 2x was placed as the middle in a 3x. This is where I have my oval 32. Ok clearance for chaining, ok clearance for arms. I don't think a bigger ring will fit. Chainline is not great, but ok. When I used raceface nw 30 ring the rings is a bit displaced to the inside. The chainline was super, but I don't think a 34 would clear the chainstay at this onward offset.

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    Shimano xtr m9100 > Eagle

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