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    Components country of origin

    This thread got me thinking. How "Made in the USA" can you go?

    I'm putting my money down on a raw RFX and covering this thing with pieces made in the US would be an interesting project.

    A few products I can think of...

    Chris King hubs and headset
    Thomson stem and post
    LP Components (at least according to thier web site)

    I would even except components that were an Italian company with Italian production,such as Formula brakes or a German company with German production such as Wipperman chains, but "Made in the USA" would take a front seat over other products.

    Where does Shimano manufacture thier products? Japan or China?

    I sent a few emails out to inquire the first to get back was Fox. According to them most of thier manufacturing and assembly is done in Watsonville California.

    I also contacted Marzocchi, Formula, Raceface and Odi.

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    last i asked, shimano was all made in japan but things can get funny fast. dependin on the model, you can see 2, 3 or more countries of manufacture from a single company. makin a full usa bike can get tough, specially when it comes to drivetrain. sram is a us held company but i dont think much on shore production is left. these days im more than a bit confused as to whats reeeeealy still made here. the good news is most of the imported stuff is excellent and thats cool.

    as much as i dig supportin us manufacturers, i much prefer stuff that works well and for a long time. if turners were made overseas and there wasnt a frame i prefered over it, id still buy one. that said, there was a day in the mid '90's where we saw a huge push for 100% made in the usa bikes. it was a galliant effort and a total disaster.
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    Little to nothing on my bike is USA made. I have British hubs and brakes. A German front rotor. Italian fork, Swiss rims, Japanese crank, US seatpost. It's tough, but when there are few alternatives, you can get the best you possibly can. I chose my parts based on superior build quality within my budget. I'm not necessarily bound to "made in the USA". I prefer renowned quality and reliability from countries with strong labor protection. I also keep in mind that the cost of manufacturing and if the company is increasing their prices because they can.

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    <A HREF="">Socks</A>, <A HREF="">shoes</A>, <A HREF="">headphones</A>, <A HREF="">t-shirts</A> and Turner bikes made in USA We still can make some good stuff.

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    Hmm, what about HOPE? Made in England . . . They make great stuff.

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    I have to say (and I'm usually a huge Chris King fan) if you're putting a big single crown fork on it (66, Lyric, Totem, not sure about the 36) you don't want a King Headset. Just do a search for "Chris King creak" and prepare to be shocked.

    I think White Brothers and Maverick forks are 'made in usa', but I wouldn't put one on a bike.

    Rockshox are made in Taiwan. I'm not sure about the others.

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