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    Christmas ride report

    Here are some notes and pics from my holiday. I went to Moab by myself after a friend bailed out but I made new friends and found a ride partner who also shares my fondness of good beer and John Lee Hooker. I left Winnipeg on Friday 17 Dec and got to the Lazy Lizard around supper on 18 Dec.

    19 Dec 04
    Went to Klondike Bluffs and had a good ride considering the altitude and my sloth week prior to the trip. Good gradual climb, good weather, even rode in shorts for a while. Felt good so I road the Monitor and Merrimac loop which was very sandy but had some fun slickrock. Good people at theLazy Lizard where I'm staying.

    20 Dec 04
    Rode Bartlett Wash slickrock today which was FUN. Beautiful day with great scenery.

    21 Dec 04
    Rode Soveriegn Singletrack today which is one of the best here. The day got cold and I did the same part of the trail twice looking for the loop back to the car. Ended up on the highway.

    22 Dec 04
    Rested my legs today by hiking the Devils Playground at Arches National Park. Scenery was incredible. Came around a corner on the Primitive Trail on the way back and met an English couple. The man was sitting at the top of rock while the woman was 1/2 way up the rock on some logs. The rock was very steep and she couldn't get up and the mans boots didn't grip well enough for him to pull her up. My trail sneakers have plenty of traction so I pulled her up.

    23 Dec 04
    Amasa back. Cold and windy with a hard climb, had me loving it even if my legs didn't. Finally feel like I'm getting oxygen when I breathe. Great ride down.

    24 Dec 04
    Did Porcupine Rim backwards with Dave today. It was my idea to do it backwards to avoid shuttling to the trail head. This was the toughest climb of my life and I'm not just saying that. Long, steep, twisty, not steep but sandy, rock ledges, and finally snow. I walked and ate a bagel for a bit, while Dave bonked a bit after his breakfast of hot chocolate and 1 boiled egg. We pushed on almost to the top but snow and time turned us back for a spectacular DH run. Dave can climb but I'm faster on the DH because of the 5 Spot, while he rode a Litespeed Unicoi with 21/2 and 11/2" of travel. 5 inches is forgiving. Dave, Karena (Denver redcross worker from Columbus OH), Mike, Coleen and I go to McStiffs bar for 6 pints, then back to LL and Dave made chicken burritos.

    25 Dec 04
    Christmas day at the Lizard. Mike (Texas) made a turkey, Mike made potatoes, Colleen made apple and apple/blueberry crisp and we all got stuffed. Very relaxing.

    26 Dec 04
    Rode Soveriegn singletrack as a loop from Dalten Wells road. Excellent ride.

    27 Dec 04

    Drove to Las Cruces NM following Colleen and Mike with Dave in my car.

    28 Dec 04

    In Dave's words "we won't need any pbj sandwiches" After a huge breakfast burrito from Go Burger Dave and I ride Sierra Vista trail which is failry flat but rocky and twisty in places. I flat about a mile from the end and have nothing left in my legs. We bonk hard and then go to the High Desert Brewing Co for the largest plate of Nachos ever and a green chilie cheesburger, sweet potatoe fries, and excellent beer.

    29 Dec 04
    Dave and I take a day off and go visit the shop where Mike, Pablo, and Kyle are working. Get drunk in the front yard in the afternoon.

    30 Dec 04
    Dave and I have trouble finding Taco Mexicana and get a late start to the trail. We don't find Dona Ana trail and eventually find Riabloes but it is getting late and we go for frozen custard instead of riding.

    31 Dec 04
    We drive to to Franklin Mountain State Park near El Paso TX and ride some very nice single track. Some rocky sections, but nicely laid out, twisty and fun. New years eve at Pablo's, beer, JB, JD, and home made burrittos.

    01 Jan 05
    Drvie to Phoenix AZ.

    02 Jan 05
    Go to the Supergo outlet and get some sticky Kendas and directions to the National Trail. Big breakfeast next door and am off to the nearby trail. All ledgy uphill, then turn around and wow. Probably more fun than porcupine rim, but crowded. Drive to Hurricane UT and camp in car.

    03 Jan 05
    Raining, and nice guy at shop says it will continue so I drive back to Moab.

    04 Jan 05
    A break in the weather and I climb up to Slickrock. Hard road climb, practice loop, and start on trail but the rain comes nown so it's back to town. Stop at Maverick for a coffee.

    05 Jan 05
    Wet day so Dave and I take a walking tour of Moab and get a malt and float.

    06 Jan 05
    Mark, Dave and I ride up to Slickrock again and ride the "easy way" around. Mark turns around just before the 1/2 point and goes back down. We continue and I can sometimes get up stuff Dave can't but he's way faster. Back to town and the liquor store for a 6 pack and wine. Dave makes pot roast that I bought yesterday and we end up at the Outlaw.

    07 Jan 05
    Mike, Dave and I ride Soveriegn as loop, but getting to it is very muddy. The trail isn't too bad and Mike rides ahead because he can't go slow. We have a beer that Dave has had in his pack since yesterday and I head to Loveland Co.

    08 Jan 05

    I meet Larry Mettler at Mountain High Cyclery and pick up some goods and Drive straight through to Winnipeg.

    09 Jan 05

    The road is covered with snow from the boarder Northward. I get home about 0720 and Winnipeg has lots of snow.

    #1 5 Spot
    #2 view from Amasa Back
    #3 Me (Jerry) at top of Amasa Back
    #4 Me on Porcupine Rim
    #5 Same as #4
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