Hey everyone, i have a question about brake levers.

A few months ago i bought some Juicy 5's because i was in need of some new brakes for my Kona Cowen and the 5's seemed to get good reviews from most people. I sadly have had nothing but problems with them. i think the biggest problem is in the lever itself, that little bleed hole in the back of the lever keeps seeping out oil and when ever i jam hard on the brakes the next time i go to use them i need to pump them a few times in order to get them to grab at full strength again. (especially the front one.) i don't have the cash to buy new brakes and i don't really want to buy new ones but i was hoping to farmer rig something up, but at the same time i don't want to screw myself over so i thought i would post this and ask you guys what you thought.

My idea was to just change levers. i have some Magura HS33 levers that i am not using and i think the line ends are the same size so i was thinking about just swapping levers. the thing i don't know about is the internals of the levers and the 5's have dot 5 oil and the Magura's have mineral oil or something crazy like that.

any idea's on this one? should i just leave the 5's and be frustrated with them or will changing the levers actually work?