Beware new owners - protect it-
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    Beware new owners - protect it

    For all you new 5-spotters - if you don't want your top tube to get all scratched to shat by your rear hydro hose - better get that hose off the top tube. Mine is scratched pretty bad - but I didn't want it to get worse so I looked in my old parts bin for a solution. I found a use for those ol shimano v-brake noodle rubber guards. You know, that rubber piece thats supposed to protect the brake cable from grunge, that always came loose. Basically, I spiral cut the rubber accordion [like a spiral ham] and wrapped the rubber around the brake hose. It actually works great - no need to zip tie it either and it holds the brake line off the paint. The accordion structure holds the hose off the paint, w/ minimal rubber contact w/ the paint - and it doesnt look to weird. I used two of those rubber guards with good results.

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    I stuck a Jagwire stick-on hose guide on the middle of the top tube and snapped the hose into that. It looks pretty good and holds the hose in place. The silver paint does not show scratches anyway, but there you go...
    My video techniques can be found in this thread.

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    just put some duct tape over the cable and youll be set.
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