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    Best fork for Pack

    I have been running an AM-1 on my Pack for about a month. However, it appears as of today that my TST cartridge needs bleeding for the second time, as the fork has suddenly begun clanking as it did about a month ago (this was remedied by sending it back to Marzocchi). Nonetheless, if this is indeed the same problem, I simply plan on fixing it and getting rid of the fork, as this is not my idea of how a high-end fork should perform (that said, I'm pretty satisfied with it when it is working).

    My main requirements for a replacement are that it be coil (air never feels quite as good to me) and not weigh toooooo much (I'd prefer not to go above 5.5 pounds). I weigh like 210 with gear (maybe a bit less now...I hope) and like techy singletrack, both climbing and descending (though mostly the latter). I'm also an Aries who enjoys long walks on the beach....

    The forks I've immediately thought about are the Fox 36 Van and the Pike 454 (or whatever they're calling the high end coil Pike these days). I'm quite impressed with the Maxle and the weight of the Pike, but I don't particularly like the shorter travel (5.5") for the Pack as I like the axle-to-crown ride height of the AM-1. The 36 Van has more travel (maybe too much for the front?) and I've been quite impressed with the reliability of my old Vanilla 125 fork (almost 4 years old and still going smooth), but it weighs more and the 20mm is not quick release.

    Give me your arguments and suggestions, and thanks in advance.

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    Read this thread here:

    I just put a 36 Vanilla on my Pack and after only 1 ride on it I couldn't be happier. If you thought your AM1 felt good, wait till you try out the 36 Vanilla. I posted a ride report towards the bottom of that thread. Don't worry about the fork being taller, just take a stem spacer out if it feels too raked out but it probably won't. I reduced my stem spacers by only 5mm and I can't even tell the difference between the 36 and my old Z1 in the cockpit. The 36 is worth the very high price tag, it feels like sex on the Pack and does everything well.

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