Well, after riding a Sir Niner for most of last year I decided to give the 2006 flux a spin. The flux has been down due to:

1. Chewed up blackspire rings on the M960 xtr crankset. Suffering from chain suck... The rings lasted 1 year, so that is better than the 3 months the XTR rings last. Also the outboard bearings of the XTR feel so draggy...

2. Ghost shifting - I finally accepted that my XT cassette is bent...

So I was going for a whole new drive train and after about $130 for a new set of Blacksoire super pro and a$100 for a new xt cassette and chain, I decided to try an old Race face Turbine that was in the spare parts box.

The Race face turbine (compact) is a square taper so I had a UN-72 from yr 2000 laying around that was smooth and like new. Also I had some chainrings that did not look bad from back in the day - 44 race face / 34 race face / 24 cook bros.

I also used steel bolts instead of aluminum.

What can I say - WOW!!!! That crankset is so much stiffer than that M960 XTR. The chainline was also perfect with a 73x113mm. So I am keeping the Flux retro drive train. I decide to try it after riding the ENO one with a Square taper on the Niner.