hey Jake i can attest to that. by the way i just joined the club a while ago. i wanted to share with u my experience about this bike. ive been into mtbiking for years now and really love the sport. i owned a tough hardtail with a race set up. since mtbiking has evolved, i come to realize why not try a FS bike for a change. it was then i started reviewing different brands and models but i was focused on turner. i read alot and asked few friends who owned one. hell this is a bike for me. i fell in love with Flux coz this exactly fit my riding style. then i called up a friend and asked him to reserve one for me. since m working on my budget. i told him to give me atleast 1 month or earlier to complete it. when i was ready to build it. it was sold to another guy due to some miss communication. i was so upset and said to myself if i didnt get one before xmas id rather put all the budget on my xc hardtail instead. i was given again 3 weeks but honestly i didnt expect too much about it. but to my surprise. it came earlier as expected. WOW! how about a 2008 candy blue flux for xmas huh? hehehe! im riding it for a month now (hey guys, sometimes delays are great. thanks for the upgraded 09 fox rare shox ) thanks to Jarret of Turner, Gilbert of hup leong singa and nolet santos of manila phils. i thought u guys will ruined my xmas. kidding!

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