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    2011 5.Spot, Upper Link Frame Pivot Play?

    Hey folks,

    Just got back from a ride yesterday, and noticed that the upper pivot on the frame (that connects the triangular link to the frame) as a large amount of axial play in it. This means that the pivot can slide left/right in the frame just enough to be noticeable. I checked, and the T40 mounting bolts are nice and tight... all other suspension pivot bolts are also tight.

    Anyone experience this? Anyone have a suggested remedy?


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    Sounds a bit like what I had, mine was a case of the journal/bush spec being a little out from new(rocker to rear triangle).
    I think it was Gregg that sent me some replacements & all has been good since.

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    +1 Call Greg at Turner he will get you some shaved bushings this will cure the problem, btw this play doesn't really seem to effect the ride that much, i.e. rear end is still pretty laterally stiff.

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    I had this issue too. Greg was more than willing to send me replacement parts but I confirmed what the fix was and then just did it myself. Basically, I just needed to shorten the hard anodized pin by .002". You can do that on a lathe (if you have access to one) or with sand paper and patience. Your issue may require more or less material removal which you can determine if you have vernier calipers handy.

    On mine, it was just enough to click if I applied hand pressure to the side of the link. Nothing I could ever feel while riding. Good luck!
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    Just talked to Greg at Turner, and he is sending a new shaft my way... hopefully this will take care of the issue. Sounds like it from the above posts... Greg was super nice and the whole process was damn quick!

    +!00 Awesomeness points for good customer service.

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