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    2007 AM 1 SL Question

    I see the travel is now 120-160. If I was going to run it at 140mm would it be too much for an 05 Spot? (assuming I was running either the new Push or Turner rockers.)
    I'm sorry for a "what fork for my spot question, it was painful to even type it.

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    i think dt calls for a 140 on the '07 spot. if ya get new rockers, yer good to go if im right.
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    ...Loco, I was running my Z1 Light ETA @ 150mm alot of the time on my 5 Spot with good results. It has alot to do with how you typically setup your bikes as well...if you like a racier feeling HTA, then you likely won't prefer a marzocchi fork to begin with. FWIW, my Spot handled great @ 150mm for the majority of the local techy trails. I essentially run a good bit of sag (33%) to help out with traction on our root infested terrain....so it didn't affect handling much in general. I suspect the 140mm w/ the new rockers will be "spot" on

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