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    07 Magura Louise Bats Venti Rotors

    DOUBLE POST mod please delete this one

    Ok so last week we recieved 2 sets of the new 07 Magura Louise Carbon Bat disc brakes with the new Venti Rotors.

    Both sets were to mounted to 2 Spots Mudgy's and TA's

    Mudgys setup
    Fork Marz 06 AM 1 - Fr 180mm Venti rotor with #6 PM to PM adaptor rear 160mm Venti rotor with standard IS to PM adaptor.

    TAs setup
    Fork Sram PIKE 454 06 -Fr 180mm Venti Rotor with #12 IS to IS adaptor rear 160mm Venti rotor #12 IS to IS adaptor.

    Both sets are full BATs with carbon this and that and ti bolts yum

    Looks wise and quality they seem right up there and I impressed, my only one gripe is I wish the bat adjust dials were alloy fussy I know bit I think on such a high product the plastic dial lets the overall chillis down so 9 outta 10, Id give 10.10 for alloy dials.

    Moving on to installation, cables are ample length and will need to be trimmed, which is very easy to do if you have the right tools
    Magura supply nice little extras to refit once shortened give those guys another chilli

    I installed mudgy's bike first just an aside Ive had Magura FRs on the AM 1 06 before and I would say with Post mount the disc tolerence between the rotor and fork is very close but never caused any rub previously.

    New Louises on AM1 well lets start with the calipers and levers, everything moutned up easy peasy and you don't even need to read the instructions its so simple no spacers required its fool proof nice the new PM calipers are very sweet and look powerfull.
    Levers mounted the bars sweet although I would like split perch my only other gripe as I'd like to use Srams matchmaker plus it unclutters the bars, I like my levers (brake very inboardO moto style esspecially with a brake so powerfull with such great feel 2 fingers are not nessecary so feel is important.

    Righ mouting rotors to the wheels standard 6 bolt pattern no brainer very sweet mounted the rear wheel slotted into place nicely not I loosed the top bolts on the caliper to the adaptor as this is the adjust similar to avid and hayes squeeze rear brake lever re tighten bolts and now have a nicely and running silently wheel.

    Front wheel, um mounted ok followed the same adjustment phase, spun the wheel um rub straight away?

    On closer inspection due to the close tolerence of the PM marz setup the new veti rotor has a moulded shape around the 6 bolt outer holes this moulding rubs on the lower inner leg BUGGER, no fear out comes the dremel thanz to the crazy swiss dude! so some fine tunning to the inner leg no more rub and all is running sweet.

    This I suspect will affect all PM forks, Manitou, New Rock Shox PM, and Marz of course note this will only happen with the Venti Rotor as I said should be no probs with a little modification but obviously not something Magura planned on.

    Well my setup followed along the same lines though no mods need to the PIKE and I had mine intalled in less than half the time no probs and drag free.

    I noticed a weight diffenerce over my older Louise FRs even with the Venti rotors, I ran the same size (180/160mm).

    A few quick runs arounf the house showed some bedding in was needed but I had stopping power straight away nice, and they felt great.

    Weekend, Saturday a big ride was requied by me and Momentus, Mudgy had gone awol to Welly and hasn't even seen his new brakes on his SPot yet, though he was there at the unvieling at the coffee shop pics on my RFX post with coffee cup.

    So onto Saturday, and my fav spot beckoned I always fel powerful here
    and its where I got my handle TA its always an adventure ride, plenty of forest rods to warm up on and the narliest rootiest fest of trees gorse bushes mud wild boar and us.
    A good place to break in some new brakes
    First half hour warm up on a forestry road and off to find those new trails the boys have been building, mandatory squezze on the levers and I could feel the brakes getting stronger with each pull.
    I guess it took half an hour or so for a good bed in and probably a full hour for the brakes to come up to full power, plenty of steep long downhills helped to get enouhg heat into the pads and also allow the fluid to bring the brakes up to speed.

    Compared to my current Louise FRs the currernt version before the louise BATs they feel more powerfull and have great feel maybe even better feel which really impressed me as my old FRs run Goodridge hoses and kool stop pads both of which enhanced the strengths of the older FRs.
    So good so far, as we dropped into some narly single track the rotors really showed there quality and they are just fantastic they feel really strong and way more thean what is needed on the Spot but due to the feel these brakes have its nice to have so much power which is also usable.

    Overall Im stoked I ended up with these brakes at this stage the power is awesome the weight is impressive they are easy to install they are quite even after getting covered in mud its taken my braking to another level which is hard to do as I think I already had the best brakes in the bunch

    I'm still nervous with Carbon levers (crash wise) but Ive always run y brakes moto style the bolt tightened enough to hold the lever in place but in the event of a crash the lever would move on the bar and not brake with the carbons yet to be seen touch wood.

    I will probably install Goodridge hoses again at a later date but for the first time I would say this is not a nessecary but more for bling or really long DHs where heat may get excessive Im a pumper myself not a dragger.

    To finish I love these brakes so far and I think they match anything out there plus with a 5 year leak warranty and improvements you can't lose on these puppies enjoy and remember the PM if you use Venti rotors.
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