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    Tight Brakes on 6500

    I took my front and rear tires off and put my bike in the trunk of my car to go MT. Biking today when we got there, I noticed I must have pressed my brakes together, both front and rear. The hydraulic pads were closed to the point I could not put my tires on. Good thing my buddy had a brake pad spacer and I used it to compress the pistons and get the tires back on. They are still tight and when I free spin my tires they stop after a few rotations. How do I fix this? Do I have to bleed the brakes or something? O I did loosed the brake mounts and re adjusted them... only helped a little. Thanks for the help!

    THe Brakes are Juicy Three Hydraulic disk brakes.

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    Shane, sounds like you are fairly new to disc brakes. The best advice I can give is to have patience when working on disc brakes.

    Sounds like two potential issues. Try dealing with the feeling of being too tight first. Taking care of this may also take care of a potential rubbing/centering issue.

    First I would remove the pads and push the pistons all the way back into the caliper. Use a closed end 10mm wrench and firmly but carefully push the pistons in. Try not to use an open ended wrench or other tool that could chip/damage the piston. You may need to try this several times to make sure that the seal for the piston is completely lubed. If they still feel to tight then either a bleed (or several bleeds as is the case for many people with Avids) or removal of fluid would hopefully do it.

    As far as the centering/rubbing issue, first check the easy stuff and just make sure that the wheel is completely centered. Loosen the quick release and move around to ensure proper placement of the axle in the dropout. Sometimes just repositioning the wheel can get rid of a rubbing issue. There are little teeth on the axle locknut to grab the fork and help to keep the axle from shifting in the dropouts when the qr is tightened. Occasionally these little teeth can engage differently enough to throw the wheel ever so slightly to one side. This would never be enough to make a difference on rim brakes or by eye balling the wheel for being centered, but it's enough combined with the tight tolerances on disc brakes to cause rubbing.

    If you do need to get a 5mm allen and readjust the caliper, I would start by loosening the fixing bolts just enough so the caliper can move easily left/right. Squeeze the brake lever and hold while snugging the fixing bolts. With the bolts just snug, spin wheel and look for bend in rotor/which way the caliper needs to move. (If the rotor is bent or not perfect, have patience and make small corrections.) Loosen one fixing bolt and press on the caliper, while pressing tighten the fixing bolt. By loosening one side of the caliper you can get smaller adj. without losing the caliper being parallel to the rotor.

    Good Luck!
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