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    2016 Trek Procaliber, Top Fuel and Fuel EX

    Details are riding impressions are here!

    Trek Procaliber SL, Top Fuel and Fuel EX 29 revamped - Mtbr.com

    "The Procaliber 9.8 SL offers a very positive first impression by offering great acceleration and very precise maneuverability right out of the box. The best part of the bike shows itself by riding over small bumps on not too extreme trails: the IsoSpeed decoupler makes the seat tube flex, independently of the rest of the frame. The flex is visible but it doesn’t soak up the rider’s energy – au contraire, it smoothens out the ride significantly and the normal feeling of ending a hardtail ride totally shot by the small bumps is taken away.With almost no weight penalty, this opens more demanding trails for hardtail fans, without sacrificing riding efficiency or, you could ride the same trails longer keeping the same amount of fatigue.

    The new Top Fuel 9.8 SL takes care of the bumps with the known, very efficient full floater suspension. The wheels with Boost hubs, together with the stiff frame, make this bike rocket down the roller coaster without the feeling that too much energy is lost in suspension action. Although the Top Fuel 9.8 SL offers a one-button full lockout, the trails were ridden at open setting. Speed bumps, unexpected roots, but also the soft sand surface which the tracks threw at the bike, were leveled by the very well balanced suspension system."

    Follow me:
    2016 Trek Procaliber, Top Fuel and Fuel EX-photojeroentiggelman_jt28359.jpg

    2016 Trek Procaliber, Top Fuel and Fuel EX-photojeroentiggelman_jt28506.jpg
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    That color keeps growing on me (9.8). My dealer placed my order on top fuel 9.8sl last week. Now I'm just waiting for it to come in! Hopefully comes in soon hate being down to one Mtb! I sold my slash to pay for most of the bike. Hoping comes in much sooner then 8/31 date trek is showing

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    What are these bikes worth?

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    Top fuel 9.8sl is 5k

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