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    New question here. Your Thoughts -- TRAILS

    Your thoughts on what a trail does for you?

    It could be: the smoothest, worst, flattest, mountainous trail you ever rode or ride everyday. No trail left behind!

    Just an open discussion on how trails effect you...

    Mine would be the freedom of most trails I ride or rode that take me somewhere and it doesn't have to a location. Sometimes it's just about getting out there. Then there's the: WOW where am I? Discovering a new area or location by accident. Many times while out riding trails that I have followed many times I find an off shoot that really doesn't go far but it just shows a different view.

    One great thing is riding here in the valley between two mountains you can ride the east mountains and look across to see the west side mountains a few miles away that you have ridden many times before. For me this is great as I am surrounded by trails everywhere.

    How about you?

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    Mtbike trails are a different animal than hiking trails to me. Hiking trails should start one place and go to another and maybe bring you past the interesting places in between.

    Mtbike trails are all about applying the sport to a particular landscape.Reading the best way for a bike and rider to roll the contours and navigate the rocks and trees is the art. Sometimes it's about flow, sometimes it's about rhythm, and sometimes it's all about having to grind your way through. I'm lucky to have enough space to build my own trails, and I have about 3 miles of singletrack put down just the way I want it. I think about how fast a secion might be and how a bike will travel over the rocks( my avitar pic. is from my home trail) and if certain features will still be fun or challenging in another ten years. There's no destination.My trail doesn't go anywhere. It's just a trail to ride a bike on....That's what I get out of a trail.
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