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    x post - what mapping software do you use

    and how do you like it? Our club received grant money to buy some software to go with our Garmin. I personally have NG TOPO and think it's just OK.


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    I use Maptech Terrain Navigator - http://www.maptech.com/. The maps themselves are USGS quad sheets. Good solid program, very easy to use. I think the TOPO! software makes prettier maps (has "shadows" that seem to add depth to the topography), but I have no experience with it.

    Terrain Navigator Pro is about 3 times the cost but includes aerial photos, a pretty cool option. I can't justify the cost when what I have works fine. A typical GPS track (blue X labels are trail intersections):
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    Years ago I used Delorme's mapping software. Then I tried to get Delorme to allow me to print maps and place then on kiosks at the trailhead. Everyone at Delorme would tell me that was ok, but no one would put it in writing. If you read the license agreement, it prohibits this. I wasn't trying to sell the maps, just display them in a public place or on the web. I just never could a release from Delorme in writing.

    So I bought ExpertGPS. Since it uses the public domain terra server for its maps, it has fewer restrictions on the use of it's maps beyond your own personal use. For taking your GPS out into the field to collect data and then making the maps you need on a PC, ExpertGPS is great. If you want to download the maps into the GPS unit, ExpertGPS won't work (pretty sure about that). I also have used TopoFusion. I like it too. But my experience using ExpertGPS seems to make me use that program more often. You get topos and aerials with both programs, I think.

    I just bought a Garmin 60CSX and will be looking into the various maps I can buy that can be downloaded into the unit and taken into the field. This will be excellent for trail layout simply to have a more precise idea of where I am at the moment.

    Edit to add: ExpertGPS and Topofusion are much less expensive than Delrome and Maptech. Maptech's $299 per state is a little high considering that you get all 48 lower states for about $60 for the above two products.

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