Work Flow question for machine work: A Poll-
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    Work Flow question for machine work: A Poll

    We're rolling, somewhat, on our new trail system. Working with the machine (mini-ex, KX008) and a smattering of volunteers. I have a workflow question, which I'm sure I will have dialed by the time we're done, but would rather have some pro input before then. So... We're working with the machine, and going is fairly easy most days. Do you find it's better to "blow and go" with the machine and come back with volunteer or paid crews to clean up, or work more slowly and carefully and leave finished trail behind you?

    I'm finding merit in both systems, but wonder how the more experienced builders do it? So far I kind of enjoy roughing it out, riding it, thinking about it at home, then coming back and fixing kinks/pinch points, but I can see efficiencies to only going through once.

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    How big is the hand crew will define how you build.

    The hybrid approach is very fast when you have a bunch of guys behind a machine that only rough in the trail. If you work with a KX008, I'm assuming you're building a narrow singletrack (opposed to a flow/jump/DH trail with bigger features). In that case, a crew of 2 peoples should be able to follow-up with the mini-X very easily and output 600 to 1000ft per day in typical terrain. If you have more volunteers, the machine can rough the hard stuff and get over the very easy sections, leaving them to volunteers. If you have over 12-15 volunteers, such a small machine will not be able to keep up so you'll have to split the crew in small teams and assign sections or task to each team.
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    I really try to only go through once with the machine, and make that pass count. Typically I've go the corridor cleared and flagged by the time I get to it with the machine, and I use the machine to "sweep" the leaves up hill before I cut the bench. That pretty much leaves only clean up behind me. Two or three people can handle that, and cast the leaves back up, leaving finished trail. Sadly, I rarely have these helpers, and usually spend two days on the ground cleaning up behind the machine for every day I spend on the machine.

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    Back when I had the luxury of working ahead of a pro trail crew, I was of the blow and go philosophy but since I'm now mostly solo, I try to accomplish as much as I can with the mini-ex (Kubota K008). I make sure I have the tread shaped and outsloped, drains roughed in, bermed turns mostly shaped, spoils spread, and backslope knocked back which still leaves plenty of work for the finish crew (also me) like trimming roots, spreading any spoils berms with a pitchfork, and final detail work. Like Cotharyus said, figure around two (or more, sometimes) days of finish work per day of miniex time.
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