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    What would you do with $10k

    I hope that got your attention.

    I have a problem, but it is a good problem to have. Two of the local stewards are talking to a funding organization. The stewards want to "give" us the money to use on the "cycling" trails on the property. But I think that the stewards are looking to us to first give them an idea how much and what kind of work can be done.

    The money must go "into the ground" so we can't use it for tools, or writing a badly needed trail plan. Rocks, wood, equipment rentals, paying crews, are all fair uses.

    It's an embarrassment of riches.

    I can pinpoint lots of spots that need work, but I have no idea how far this money can go. I'm not sure of the division of work between machine and hand build. There are a lot of spots where having machines would be great, but there are other spots where we want to keep it narrower than machines can build.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Use it as matching funds for more money. $10K will build a mile of trail here. Perhaps more if it's all we had and used alot of volunteers as well.

    But if I had $10K, I would try to use it to attract another $40K. Then I'd attract some volunteers and build about 6-8 miles of trail with the $50K and the volunteers.

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    Machine rental

    We got to rent a Ditch Witch SK 500 for 2 weeks at $750/week. That did not include delivery/pickup, trailer rental, and gas. Call it closer to $1800. Don't forget insurance! That's another $600 or so.

    Narrow trails are great, but a machine cut trail will narrow over several years of use. The comments I've gotten have been uniformly positive, and that's with a freshly cut trail that will improve with use. Also, a machine will cut bench properly with 5-7 degrees of outslope. In contrast we had to re-work one hill climb 3x with volunteers to get it right. This summer, 2 people cut 3 miles of trail in the same area in 2 weeks using a machine.

    If you get good volunteer turnout, the issue is not so stark. But it would have taken our group at least 2-3 seasons to make the same trail by hand, plus we would have had a lot of re-work in the places that needed deep bench cuts. The area we worked in had a lot of steep hillsides.

    Your situation may be completely different than mine. Best luck to you. BTW, if you figure out a way to attract more money with the initial money, that would be great also. I don't know how to do that.


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