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    Vinyl Letter

    Our club has a small network of trails with lots of intersections. Our marking system uses a post at each intersection. The post is painted either green, blue, or black to represent difficulty and has a number to let you know which trail you're own. Does anyone know a good source for Di-cut vinyl letters reflective or non-reflective?

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    I'd start by checking to see if you've got any friends at local sign shops.

    If not, see if any of them want to help support a communtiy group that's promoting a healthy lifestyle.

    Never hurts to try that route first, after that - go searching the links on IMBA's site for a starting point. After that - google can be your friend.


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    As a side note, we did exactly the same thing at our state park, except on the top of each post we put a mapholder and a map with an intersection-specific 'you are here' arrow and an inset with the intersection details. Orient the post/map to north, and BAM - you've eliminated the need for paper maps since you encounter one at each intersection.
    This also eliminated additional signs to name the trails at each intersection. Note the use of more permanent 'routed' tags on the post...
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    I was in St.Felicien Quebec this summer to watch the World Cup race and ride some trails. They had a nice trail intersection marking system that was by far the best I've seen for a densely packed trail network with trails of different technical levels branching from a single intersection.

    Every major trail intersection had a unique number, so you could take one look at the trail map and know exactly where you were in the network. The marked trail intersections were shown on the map as well, so if you came to a small unmarked intersection you knew how far it should be before you came to a marked intersection.

    Each trail exiting the marked intersection had the trail number posted on the green, blue, red and black symbol background. The trail intersections had a number related to the major trails involved, so trail 26 (for instance) had intersections marked as 26-1, 26-2, 26-3 etc. I found that to be the least ambiguous "You Are Here" approach I have seen.

    Lamacoid engraved labels tend to be more durable than self adhesive letters/numbers, or if anyone has a router, a carved wood sign weathers better than decals.

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