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    URGENT: Woodside, CA (SF Bay Area) anti Mountain Bike Meeting

    I live in Woodside (up on Skyline) and I am an avid Mountain Bike rider (although not been able to ride as much as Id like recently). Today I received a rather alarming flyer in the mail from a group attempting to limit the rights of Mountain Bikers in Woodside.

    Check www.keepwoodsiderural.org to learn more about this group and their planned activities to limit / block mountain bike and bicycle access in one of he best riding area on the Peninsula.

    Basically they are:

    - Opposing a plan by the San Mateo Park and Recreation Commission proposing changes to Huddard Park that could permit mountain bike access to the park.

    - Anti cyclist group bent on limiting both road and mountain bike activities in and around the Woodside town

    The flyer invites people to attend an upcoming meeting of the Park and Rec. committee on March 22 in Redwood City.

    Id be happy to scan and send you a copy of the flyer, but all of the information can be found on their web site (www.keepwoodsiderural.org).

    It would be great if you could help raise the awareness of this meeting (and this group) in the cycling community on the peninsula and get as many pro-cycling people to show up at the meeting (and any other regarding this issue).


    Thanks for your help.


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    cross post this

    you should cross post this on Nor Cal and on the road bike review. I'm not sure how to link it, or I would do it for you.
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    I think it's kinda funny

    that issue #2 they raise is where mountain bikers are going to take craps.

    Friggin Woodside elitists. BLOW ME.
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    I like where they say they are not anti bicyclist then go on ad naseum about all the problems bicyclists create. Basically they are an equestrian group that wants to get rid of hikers and bicyclists. I wonder where the horses go to the bathroom or their riders for that matter? I am not against equestrians, since my daughter and wife are avid riders, but I am against groups who are against everyone else but themselves.

    Why don't you just go to the meeting and say OK you win we will all start bringing in horses instead. If you think you got parking problems now just wait till we all bring in our crew cab duallies with our 4 horse rigs with sleeping quarters!

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    More info on the meeting

    Your local bike club ROMP (Responsible Organized Mountain Pedalers) and NorCAMBA (Northern California Mountain Bicycling Association) are asking you to spread the word about a very important public hearing regarding a potential bike trail in Huddart Park in Woodside. We are sending out this message with the hope that you can attend the meeting.

    This new trail in Huddart Park would be built south of Kings Mountain Road, and would allow cyclists to ride up through Huddart Park to skyline and the Bay Area Ridge Trail, and from there to Purisima Open Space Preserve and El Corte de Madera Open Space Preserve (Skeggs Pt.). This would be the first unpaved trail EVER approved for bicycles in San Mateo County Parks.

    San Mateo County Parks staff will be asking the Parks Commission to approve the proposed trail at a public hearing tomorrow, Wednesday 3/22, at 7pm at the McKinley Institute of Technology main auditorium at 400 Duane Street, Redwood City, CA 94062 (cross street is James)

    If the commission approves the trail, the plan will be forwarded to the Board of Supervisors for final approval. Woodside area equestrians are mounting a huge campaign to block this trail, even though it will not impact their use of the park in any way. They just don't want cyclists to use the park. They will be at the meeting in huge numbers. At the last meeting, there were about 150 equestrians, all vociferously opposed to the trail. We expect them to again try to get the trail removed from the plan.

    ROMP has information about the meeting on their website at http://www.romp.org , and you can also read about it on NorCAMBA's website at http://www.norcamba.org . Another website worth looking at is the one put up by the Woodside equestrians, http://www.keepwoodsiderural.org .

    Please attend if you can. Someone will ask the members of the audience to raise their hands if they are mountain bikers, and we'd like to have numbers to support our cause. Also, please forward this message to anyone you know who lives in San Mateo County.

    You can read about the plan at the County Parks website at

    If you would like to write a note of support for the trail, you can send it to:

    Parks Director Dave Holland at
    [email protected]

    And the parks commission at
    [email protected]

    Thanks for your support of mountain biking trails in San Mateo County Parks!

    Patty Ciesla
    Executive Director
    Northern California Mountain Bicycling Association
    PO Box 785
    Los Altos, CA 94023-0785
    [email protected]
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    Good luck to you folks. Showing up in numbers is the only way to go. Try to fool them though by wearing cowboy hats!

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    i honestly dont know where i stand on this particular issue. On one hand, i am an avid xc mountain bike rider, and i greatly enjoy exploring the trails off of Skyline. However, i am also a local up there, and i commute up kings mountain road on a regular basis. You dont see many full suspension bikes climbing up Kings Mountain Road, but still, it is very crowded on nice sunny weekend day with bicyclists racing down. My main fear is that there will be an increased amount of traffic on Kings Mountain Road up to Huddart Park, which will create hazards, not to mention slow down my commute a bit. It is easy to tell who is and who isnt going to be turning off at Huddart Park by their driving style unfortunately. I hate seeing people driving on that road without their headlights on, going either 5 miles per hour because they are terrified, or zooming along at 55 miles per hour and passing people when it is completely unsafe. So in that sense, i am all for keeping woodside and the King's Mountain community rural. Also, the bikers who congregate at the top of Kings Mountain Road blocking the lane thus preventing traffic from safely exiting Skyline blvd are asking to get KILLED! locals drive these roads really fast, and dont always expect a group of bikers to be standing in the middle of their lane. PLEASE DONT STAND AT THE TOP OF KINGS MOUNTAIN ROAD THUS BLOCKING THE CARS FROM EXITING OFF OF SKYLINE! There is a nice resting area at the top, and you can bike down Tunitas Creek Road to the coast (be careful for large trucks who are unfamiliar with the area on Tunitas Creek Road as well, since Swett Road is too narrow)! Dont just stand in the middle of the lane though! i am terrified one day i will kill someone, since it is difficult to see around the curve down Kings Mountain Road while exiting Skyline. Sorry for the long rant guys, and i am sure 99% of you know what you are doing, but it just takes that 1% to have a fatal accident. Anyways, i will probably just end up supporting the mtn bikers, but still please please please drive on kings mountain road like sane people and if someone wants to pass you, LET THEM!

    Also, will the president of ROMP be there?

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    It is not a horse or bike problem it is a people problem. The more people the more conflicts. But anything that gets people outdoors and onto bikes has got to be a positive. Sure there will be problems but cutting off access or not building new trails makes things even worse by moving more people into fewer areas.

    Also things can be done to mitigate problems from signage to bike patrols to education.

    People need to get out and recreate. Stopping them from doing so does more harm than good.

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    Caution;  Merge;  Workers Ahead! Please, please, show up tonight...

    Not to detract from the true cause, but this affects me personally:

    I need to see as many of my friends and customers there as possible!!

    This goes for all our "Little Cliques" over in San Mateo!!

    Dirt Farm, etc, guys, you know who you are, Sean-Grom, etc. please, I hope to see all you there tonight. Remember, I work in the industry not for the money, but the people I meet and the riding I love. This includes the possibility of legal trailsystems.

    It's rare that I ask for much, if anything in return. Considering how many of you I've helped out on sales, repairs, parts, I've cut plenty of you all deals at one time or another. Please consider this payback, show up.

    Please, look at it like this, you won't be just doing me a favor, but putting something in place for all our futures.

    So, please return the love, and show up to be counted.

    I look forward to seeing all of you, from the Dirt Jumpers, to the commuters, the Electra Cruisers, the Kiddies of all of you, to the XC hammerheads!!

    Thanks Everyone!!


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