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    update, trail mapping project (x-post)

    I asked about this sometime ago, for some mapping work our club is doing. We have gotten a ton of help from the community with our project. The director of the surveying class spent quite a lot of time with me this week, teaching me just enough to barely stay out of trouble.

    What you do is you get a little shareware called GPSUtilities. Here is the process. The GPS must be clear of all data except that which you want to use for your project. The waypoints and track points have to be separated into different text files when you download. Then you just save as shape files. ta-da. Of course there is more to it than that but that is the basic procedure.

    The reason a unit has to be clear is that when you down load into GPS Utility, it takes EVERYTHING and dumps it into a text file.

    The procedure when collecting the data, is, GPS must cleared. Then you just make tracklogs, start and stop for each track, do not save tracks. The reason you do not save tracks is that if you do, you do not get a timestamp on the data. Also, the track log should be mor accurate than a saved track.

    hope I explained it OK.

    In other news, our club received a grant for ARCGIS from ESRI - one of our members runs a GIS service and wrote the grant. We've got several folks, ranging from grad students to teachers to pros helping us get our GIS information together. The local utility has provided high quality ortho photos, which we used to do a lot of digitizing. The local community college survey class has been using the site that has all the DH trail for a class project, and are giving the data to us. We are working on a massive trail inventory for our project, and the orienteering club is coming out tomorrow to help out with on the ground data collection. We are walking the trails, measuring them, being subjective for categorizing them ( easy, med, hard) looking at erosion issues etc.

    The goal with all of this is to eventually have a map of the area that can be published. Also, to provide data to the various landowners: city, county, utility and private.


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    also easier to report trail hazards to those who take care of that sorta thing.
    Better than "ya know where the old path turns left past where the tree usta be"

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